Album Review: Decatur – Badder Than Brooklyn (Self Released)

Badder Than Brooklyn is the debut album from Toronto based heavy metal band, Decatur. The album will be self released on October 6th 2017.

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The band had this to say regarding the album:

“The meaning of this record is to give those who struggle with mental illness a place to feel safe or a place to feel like they are not alone. That there are others out there going through the exact same feelings and emotions as they are and hopefully listening to this record makes them feel a little calmer, a little safer, a little less alone.”

Playing a brutally fast-paced style of thrash/speed/traditional metal, Decatur come screaming out of the Gates with one clear mission…get you head-banging.

That mission is accomplished with ease. Internal War is devastating start with intense old-school vocals & hook heavy rhythm making its mark. It’s followed by the heavier but more sonically challenging Into the Night. The guitars really make the difference throwing out riffs & solos with ease. Your head will banging along in time with every single note.

As an opening double header, it sets up the rest of the record nicely. Confidence is high that Decatur won’t let you down & they don’t.

The groovy & catchy rock beat of Vegas Girl, the unbelievably god-like heaviness of Worst Enemy (that screaming at the end is sublime), the thrash throwback that is Bottled Inside…quality song after quality song.

Decatur aren’t doing anything original, this is a blazing hot heavy metal album. However, what they are doing is cut above the rest showing that metal can have a future that mixes the old & the new. There is very little let-up, we’re talking 10 tracks of hair-raising metal that gets the blood pumping. Where’s the problem with that!?

Badder Than Brooklyn is one of those wonderful albums that will give you little to complain about. The best that can be mustered is that the beginning of Tear You doesn’t grab you as the rest of the album has but even then it’s got a stellar finale that is all about delivering crushing beats.

It’s the most minor blip on one of the best heavy metal releases this year. Shatterproof & Internal War Pt. 2 confirm this with the former a very traditional & groove-layered slab while the latter goes for a more melodic approach.

Decatur 2

Decatur – Badder Than Brooklyn Full Track Listing:

1. Internal War
2. Into the Night
3. Vegas Girl
4. Worst Enemy
5. Badder Than Brooklyn
6. Bottled Inside
7. Tear You
8. Abaddon
9. Shatterproof
10. Internal War Pt. 2

Head over to the band’s website or Bandcamp to order the album now. You can find out more about Decatur & keep up to date with their news over on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Check out some of their videos over on YouTube while you’re at it.


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Decatur - Badder Than Brooklyn (Self Released)
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