Album Review: Deathrite – Nightmares Reign (Century Media Records)

Death metal band, Deathrite return with their 4th and most sophisticated album yet! Entitled, Nightmares Reign, it is due to be released through Century Media Records on November 9th 2018.

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Leaning towards a more classic death metal sound, Deathrite’s new album has a certain crudeness about it but one that is so appealing for fans of the heavier and rougher stuff. Although Nightmares Reign isn’t especially callous, it is all about bringing death-fused fury.

There’s a bit of gothic atmosphere with the opening segment of When Nightmares Reign before it erupts into the high-tempo sickness of just what Deathrite are really all about. The faster, spiteful groove continues into Appetite for Murder which halfway through seems to end. Then the bass comes in, followed by the rhythm and eventually the heaviness.

It’s solid and exciting stuff. Deathrite make a consistent level of quality death metal riffing seem so easy. Demon Soul with it’s incredibly dark tone and screaming guitar solo, the doomy level of heaviness in Devils Poison that turns into one of the more frantic sounding tracks on the album and the short gut-punch of Bloodlust.

Nightmares Reign ends with the longest track on the album by some distance with Temptation Calls coming in at 9 and a half minutes. There are no surprise turns here, it’s just Deathrite doing what do they for longer with varying tempo changes and plenty of head-banging riffs and hooks to end things in classy style.

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Deathrite – Nightmares Reign Full Track Listing:

1. When Nightmares Reign
2. Appetite For Murder
3. Invoke Nocturnal Light
4. Demon Soul
5. Devils Poison
6. Bloodlust
7. Obscure Shades
8. Temptation Calls

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Nightmares Reign will be available via all major stores and streaming services.


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Deathrite - Nightmares Reign (Century Media Records)
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