Album Review: Deathcult – Cult Of The Goat (Soulseller Records)

Ten years after the release of the debut, Cult Of The Dragon, Deathcult are back with their new album, Cult Of The Goat. Out on December 15th 2017 via Soulseller Records.

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It’s no surprise that Deathcult provide a bludgeoning black metal sound considering it’s made up of band members from Taake, Gorgoroth and Gaahlskag. What is a surprise though is how rhythmically challenging it is. Cult of the Goat is packed with dramatic riffs, post-metal style melodies and a bass groove that stands out.

From the outset with Climax of the Unclean the album gets off to a flier. A track that seems as though it’s nothing more than a catchier blackened metal number before proving to be something truly special. The post-metal sound that makes up the latter half is stunning.

Bloodstained Ritual does give a more expected sound but ties it all up in stunning guitar riffing & soloing before Ascension Rite drops a much darker & mood-altering sound. Unwilling to stick to one direction, Man Versus Beast goes down the thrashier route resulting in a head-bangingly good experience. It’s at this stage that Cult of the Goat stops being a good album & becomes a great album.

So varied but not lacking in structure or order, Deathcult are pros at creating a dark metal sound but covering it in a more modern metal style. No where is that better exemplified then on Devilgoat, a track that introduces middle eastern style effects, the sound of a woman having an orgasm that eventually becomes the sound of mass torture/orgy!

A hell of an effort!

Deathcult 2

Deathcult – Cult Of The Goat Full Track Listing:

1. Climax of the Unclean
2. Bloodstained Ritual
3. Ascension Rite
4. Man Versus Beast
5. The Oath
6. Devilgoat
7. Laudate Hircum

You can pick up all of Deathcult’s music over on Bandcamp or order it from Soulseller Records here. Find out more about the band over on Facebook & watch some of their videos on YouTube.


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Deathcult - Cult Of The Goat (Soulseller Records)
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