Album Review: Deaf Autumn – The Shape (This is Core)

The Shape is the new album from Italian post-hardcore/alternative rock band Deaf Autumn. The album is out on January 12th 2018 via This is Core.

Deaf Autumn 2

All about giving a captivating experience, Deaf Autumn’s The Shape brings catchy rock riffs with plenty of post-hardcore aggression. I Won’t Run Away is a sturdy start that impresses with its infectious chorus, Over Me kicks the beat up nicely while the first single, A Thousand Broken Hearts impresses on all fronts.

Deaf Autumn certainly have variety in their sound as the title track really delivers on a more hardcore sound. An unbelievably exciting & catchy number. The vocals & wicked post-hardcore guitar riffs are so ear-pleasing.

One of the highlights of the record comes with Love Pretender. A soft but incredibly sweet track thanks to the killer female vocals.

While Deaf Autumn might sound a little too familiar to other post-hardcore/rock bands, they do at least create music that puts a smile on faces. They’ve got talent, proven by the wickedly contagious Set No Evidence & the sweet sound of Till the End. A great double header to finish off a stylish album.

Deaf Autumn 1

Deaf Autumn – The Shape Full Track Listing:

1. S.O.S
2. I Won’t Run Away
3. Over Me
4. A Thousand Broken Hearts
5. The Shape
6. Without a Shelter
7. Getting Worse
8. Love Pretender
9. Set No Evidence
10. Till the End

Check out the single ‘A Thousand Broken Hearts’ below via Apple Music and order the album via Big Cartel. Find out more about Deaf Autumn via their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and watch some of their videos on YouTube.

Deaf Autumn - The Shape (This is Core)
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