Album Review: Dead Soul Communion – MMXVIII (Self Released)

MMXVIII is Dead Soul Communion’s second album, following the highly acclaimed debut MMXVII released in July 2017. You can read our review of that album here. The brand new album takes on a more groove metal heavy approach. With some undertones of classic progressive rock and electronic soundscapes. The album is out now.


Already proving their worth with their debut, Dead Soul Communion have little to prove and for founder Daniel J. Finch he has well and truly thrown off the shackles of his association with Devilment. This is the sound of a confident band. Confidence that shines through on the song-writing and the passionate delivery of the likes of A Puppet Without Strings, Strengthen These Walls and We Belong to Nothing. Each track offering up intensive groove metal as a sacrifice.

The promised undertones are very prevalent in Eradicate to Communicate and The Cult of Lunarsea as they show off some serious development for the band. They show just what they’re capable of. Leaning towards hard rock with catchy hooks and intriguing electronic elements.

Those don’t always work though as Conspiracy of Reason fails to ever really get going even if it has a very intense vocal performance alongside some really noisy instruments. The imagination can’t be faulted though. Dead Soul Communion were clearly willing to take risks and it mostly pays off.



The fuzzy edges of Blind Becomes the Stare is another step in the right direction while the sleazy rock groove alongside flashes of intensity on Heartbreaks & Fairytales puts that up there as one of the best DSC tracks to date.

The penultimate track, The Living Dead fills the mind with booming heaviness and some of the most outrageously guttural vocals of the entire album. This leads to the super-ambitious finale of Burn. Stopping just short of the 10-minute mark, Burn is an instrumental with a soft sound more like a classic prog-rock band especially with the bass that vibrates away. This does begin to lose its lustre after a minute so when the melody does change, it’s very welcome. It’s not a massive shift but it’s enough to perk the interest back up. The last four minutes though fail to make this a finale worthy of what came elsewhere in the album. Quiet, very quiet effects that have a spacey feel to them close things out in disappointing style.

It’s not a strong finish but overall, MMXVIII is a strong listen. It’s a serious step up from the debut album.


Dead Soul Communion – MMXVIII Full Track Listing:

1. A Puppet Without Strings
2. Eradicate to Communicate
3. Conspiracy of Reason
4. Strengthen These Walls
5. We Belong To Nothing
6. The Cult Of Lunarsea
7. World Beneath
8. Blind Becomes The Stare
9. Heartbreaks & Fairytales
10. The Living Dread
11. Burn

You can pick up the album now over on Bandcamp and stream over on Soundcloud. Find out more by checking out Dead Soul Communion’s website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Dead Soul Communion - MMXVIII (Self Released)
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