Album Review: Darkest Era – Wither On The Vine (Candlelight Records)

Irish dark metallers Darkest Era return with their third album, Wither on the Vine. Set for release on the 30th of September 2022 via Candlelight Records.

Elaborate and emotional, dark and cold, heavy and harsh… Wither on the Vine can be described as a lot of things but the one that most will think of, is the word – stunning. Darkest Era have put together a stunning piece of gloominess, a sombre blend of doomy heavy metal heaviness and so much more.

Everything, every track, every moment, feels grand. Such is the incredible ability of Darkest Era to spread their icy tendrils through the mind. Three gargantuan hits; the emotive and mournful One Thousand Years of Night, the doom-infused drawl and melodic high of Floodlands, and the more intense A Path Made of Roots. The latter of which features an elongated instrumental section and forlorn vocals.

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If you thought things couldn’t have gotten anymore emotionally captivating, think again as along comes Tihonus. A track of two halves. The first being dramatically melodic and the second being an energetic and faster showcase of metal.

The highlight of the album might very well be The Collapse though. The riffs are gilded, there’s an elemental tone to the melody and the vocals soar beyond belief. It’s gloriously uplifting in one sense but deeply depressing in another. Just Darkest Era being utterly compelling as always.

To the surprise of literally no-one who has made it this far, the latter portion of the album is just as consistently exciting and interesting as what came before. The progressive touches and incredible melody of With Tragedy in Our Blood, the fanciful intensity of The Ashen Plague and the enigmatic title track. Each, unique in their own way and each, a thrilling excerpt of Darkest Era’s current creative high.

Darkest Era – Wither on the Vine Full Track Listing:

1. One Thousand Years of Night
2. Floodlands
3. A Path Made of Roots
4. Tihonus
5. The Collapse
6. With Tragedy in Our Blood
7. The Ashen Plague
8. Wither On the Vine


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Darkest Era - Wither On The Vine (Candlelight Records)
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