Album Review: Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult – Mardom (War Anthem Records)

Tradition, soul, coldness, stubbornness: this expresses the characteristics and trademarks of Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, a band that has grown and matured in the course of its 22-year existence into a distinctive institution of German Black Metal. DNS deliver a primarily classic, raw sound in the tradition of the Scandinavian (especially Norwegian) bands of the early and mid nineties like Immortal, Darkthrone and Gorgoroth.

Six years after “Necrovision”, DNS are now ready to unleash their sixth full-length “Mardom” out on April 12th 2019 via War Anthem Records.

Darkened Nocturn 2

An ominous intro that puts you in the mind of approaching doom sets the scene perfectly for Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult to bring their depraved hate out to play on Mardom – Echo Zmory. A frenzied, spiteful and malicious slab of black metal with howling vocals, raving riffs and a horrifying undercurrent of evil.

A ruthless approach to the sound of old school black metal, ritualistic in approach and uncaring in what devastation it causes. A Sweven Most Devout and T.O.W.D.A.T.H.A.B.T.E are fire and brimstone levels of savageness.

Don’t be fooled by the chaotic nature of Mardom though. For all its bluster, it’s incredibly listenable with well structured rhythm, a hidden hook to get snagged on and a pretty impressive vocal performance even if it’s sharp as nails.

This makes the album far more listenable. Far less of a chore as A Beseechment Twofold, Exaudi Domine and The Boundless Beast slay all who come their way. This is the merciless highs and twisted depths that black metal can take us on. Here Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult are our guide.

Having flayed the flesh from bone for 6 straight tracks, Widma is a bit of an oddity as its distant rumbling noise stops things dead in their tracks. Happily, it’s short lived as it’s followed by Imperishable Souless Gown, a track that somehow sounds even more twisted and evil then what came before. The guitars are on absolute fire here.

A salacious black metal album wraps up with one last furious push in the form of The Sphere.

Darkened Nocturn 1

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult – Mardom Full Track Listing:

1. Inception of Atemporal Transition
2. Mardom – Echo Zmory
3. A Sweven Most Devout
4. T.O.W.D.A.T.H.A.B.T.E
5. A Beseechment Twofold
6. Exaudi Domine
7. The Boundless Beast
8. Widma
9. Imperishable Soulless Gown
10. The Sphere



The album can be ordered over on Bandcamp here and more information found out via the band’s website.


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Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Mardom (War Anthem Records)
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