Album Review: Curse of Denial – Coming For Your Soul (Redefining Darkness Records)

Conjuring the spirit of Northeast Ohio’s infamous past, evil incarnate is spawned to destroy a new generation. Featuring ex-members of Decrepit, From the Depths, and Descend, Curse of Denial are Coming For Your Soul on July 26th 2019.

The new album will be released via Redefining Darkness Records.

Curse 2

Let darkness reign across the world and those who want peace from the suffering have none. So says Curse of Denial as they wield weapons of brutality and savagery. They’re Coming For Your Soul and across 11 tracks of disgust-fuelled blackened death metal, few will be able to not give in to their demands.

Sickeningly heavy, we have here an album that is everything you could want from extreme music but handled with a deft touch. One of a band that knows just how to deliver its sermon so those experiencing it either don’t flee the room or fall asleep.

It’s more then just a heavy bludgeon of noise, way more in fact. The riffs are on a level almost unheard of in the more extreme side of metal. For example, early on In Silence absolutely delivers a classy effort that has the guitars twisting and turning throughout the mind while the vocals howl and the drums hammer nails of heaviness into the mind.

Elsewhere, Day of Rage is beautifully threatening, The Headless Horseman moves in unexpected directions and To Carry My Sins forces its wonderful savagery down throats.

The consistency in this album is phenomenal, with constantly evolving tracks that push and push until it has well and truly made its impact. Following a stonkingly good Faceless and Interlude – Forseen & Forsaken, the latter part of the album just puts the cherry on top.

From the most evil sounding effort on the album in the form of the title track (the vocals are at their most howling) to the darkness that covers all in Despair (Memories of A Distant Past). Before the impressive Curse of Denial end things in super-strong fashion with Revival. One last meaty tome of death metal to leave all feeling spent but satisfied.

Curse 1

Curse of Denial – Coming For Your Soul Full Track Listing:

1. Intro – A Passage to Madness
2. In Silence
3. Day of Rage
4. The Headless Horseman
5. To Carry My Sins
6. Faceless
7. Interlude – Forseen & Forsaken
8. Coming For Your Soul
9. Dancing in A Circle of Corpses
10. Despair (Memories of A Distant Past)
11. Revival


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Curse of Denial - Coming For Your Soul (Redefining Darkness Records)
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