Album Review: Cult of Frey – By The Blood of Odin: Part 1 – Midgard (UKEM Records)

UKEM Records next release comes from UK Viking Metal band Cult of Frey (formerly know as Sleipnir). Finally, after seven long years, the band returns with a brand new album under the resurrected moniker of Cult of Frey. The band had to drop the previous name of Sleipnir due to issues on social media and being linked to a band of the same name having far right links, something both band and label want no association or links to obviously.

This new masterpiece follows on where the band left off all those years ago and is a two album concept, both full lengths being released via UKEM Records!

Epic and atmospheric viking metal, all eight songs odes to fallen brothers in battle. By the Blood of Odin: Part 1 – Midgard will be released on June 26th 2020.

Epic and melodic, don’t be surprised to find the opening track We Were Born Of Odin (Once We Were Kings Pt.3) doesn’t begin with a bang. Instead taking its time to build towards a flareup of power as though two opposing sides have finally met on the battlefield. Blood, guts and tears will be shed.

Moving into Lament of the Fallen, the majesty is just enhanced within the band’s high-powered blackened metal sound. Dripping in emotion but also blood-pumping passion, it goes through countless highs and lows across 12+ minutes.

Although there really aren’t many ‘short’ offerings, it’s not something that you’ll really be aware of. Each minute of every track delivering momentous experiences. From The Bravest Ones Are First to Fall to Northwind (Carry Him Home) and We Forge This Land (In Blood and Steel), each subsequent track layers on more and more thoughtful and hair-raising fundamentals.

Culminating in the truly heroic Ten Thousand Strong, the battle metal-style punchy beat of Life in the Shield Wall and earth-shattering Death In The Shield Wall (Song Of The Ravens). A massive amount of energy spent, it’s certainly worthwhile. Rest for now, Part 2 is sure to bring even more grandeur and splendour.

Cult of Frey – Blood of Odin: Part 1 – Midgard Full Track Listing:

1. We Were Born Of Odin (Once We Were Kings Pt.3)
2. Lament of The Fallen
3. The Bravest Ones Are First To Fall
4. Northwind (Carry Him Home)
5. We Forge This Land (In Blood And Steel)
6. Ten Thousand Strong
7. Life In The Shield Wall
8. Death In The Shield Wall (Song Of The Ravens)




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Cult of Frey - By The Blood of Odin: Part 1 – Midgard (UKEM Records)
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