Album Review: Crown of Autumn – Byzantine Horizons (My Kingdom Music)

Melodic death metal’s Crown of Autumn are gearing up to release their brand new album ‘Byzantine Horizons’. The first new album from the Italian metallers since 2011, anticipation is high for the April 5th 2019 release via My Kingdom Music.

Byzantine Horizons 2

Certainly leaning towards the more melodic side of their sound with opener A Mosaic Within, the power-metal rhythm and clean vocals might surprise those expecting a faster and heavier start. Have no fear though as that side of Crown of Autumn is coming, firstly in spurts on Dhul-Qarnayn and then most more prominently on Scepter and Soil.

What we start to get alongside the mellow segments are these crunchy riffs and growling vocals. A welcome addition as it really expands Crown of Autumn’s musical edge as the album is heavily focused on a more mellow and chilled sound.

The mournful and dejected Lo Sposo Dell’Orizzonte is in quite contrast to the groovy, metal beat of Everything Evokes. However, both stand strongly on their own merits. It’s more about which style you prefer. They certainly deserve credit for the scope of their thinking and every so often the album really surprises such as on the gothic heaviness of Whores for Eleusis.

It’s a solid album, the odd miss here and there (Walls of Stone. Tapestries of Light and Lorica) but overall it’s a enjoyable listen.

Byzantine Horizons 1

Crown of Autumn – Byzantine Horizons Full Track Listing:

1. A Mosaic Within
2. Dhul-Qarnayn
3. Scepter and Soil
4. Cyclopean
5. Lo Sposo Dell’Orizzonte
6. Everything Evokes
7. Walls of Stone, Tapestries of Light
8. Whores for Eleusis
9. Lorica
10. Roman Diary
11. Our Withering Will

Head over My Kingdom Music here to order the album and find out more via Crown of Autumn’s Facebook Page.


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Crown of Autumn - Byzantine Horizons (My Kingdom Music)
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