Album Review: Crooked Shapes – Crooked Shapes (Self Released)

Hailing from Reading, UK, Crooked Shapes are an alternative melodic hard rock group ready to deliver a fresh take on rock with their debut self-titled album this November 19th.

The songs on the upcoming Crooked Shapes album see the band stepping up to the plate following the release of 2019’s ‘Fallout’ EP. With honest tracks that reflect real human struggles, passion, and lyrical themes that hold weight with their purpose, this album is the first true inwards touchpoint for the young Berkshire band.

Guitarist and lead vocalist George Twydell explains:

The new album is centred around the human experience, specifically ours, our mental health and the exposure to difficult times when it came to writing the songs featured on ‘Crooked Shapes’. It wasn’t a deliberate intention, it just happened. Once we understood what we were trying to get across in the music and lyrics, we realised the tracks were exploring the different stages of depression and grief, starting from anger/denial through to sadness, then acceptance and recovery.

A hard-rocking experience that draws from rock heavyweights around the world but adds an infusion of blues, grunge and more to give it a unique, Crooked Shapes flavour. It’s an album you can groove to, it’s an album you can dance to and it’s an album you can head-bang to.

Starting off hot with the Audioslave-esque Fire, it’s Crooked Shapes showing off their guitar power and smooth, easy to listen to, vocals. Hard rocking fun with plenty of energy, it’s Leave Me for Dead that has the band’s mainstream angle really come to fruition. A radio rock tune if there ever was one.

Although Appetite will certainly please the masses too thanks to its animated riffing and feel-good groove. One of the catchiest tracks on the entire album. Before the self-titled track gets a little grungier and dirtier sounding, all without a single word being sung.

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Keeping that moodier tone, Chains in My Mind seems like it’s going to be another instrumental. However, the vocals arrive to lighten the mental load with a rawer and honest sound. A touching and powerful performance here.

Fallout’s bluesy rock sound is a nice blend of energy and chilled out vibes, Rise Again grooves and grooves until your entire body is shaking and Fly ensures you know Crooked Shapes are playing to the mainstream crowd. Although those last set of words is not meant negatively, their rocking sound is just guaranteed to have widespread appreciation.

Last but certainly not least, Don’t Look Back is the most vulnerable sounding track on the entire album. The melodies cut deep but the vocals cut even deeper. A powerful and anthemic closer to an album filled to the brim with them.

Crooked Shapes – Crooked Shapes Full Track Listing:

1. Fire
2. Leave Me for Dead
3. Appetite
4. Crooked Shapes
5. Chains in My Mind
6. Fallout
7. Rise Again
8. Fly
9. Don’t Look Back


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Crooked Shapes - Crooked Shapes (Self Released)
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