Album Review: Counting Hours – The Will (The Vinyl Division)

Choosing the term “depressive dark rock” to describe themselves doesn’t do Counting Hours enough justice as the debut album from this Finnish five-piece not only links their sound to game-changing acts such as Katatonia, Paradise Lost and October Tide but succeeds on evoking the lost feeling of the 90s dark and gothic music scene.

Now, and in order to successfully explore this territory, Counting Hours offer their debut album ‘The Will’. Due out on October 23rd, 2020 via The Vinyl Division.

A mentally taxing and draining listen, the word ‘depressive’ certainly is apt when it comes to describing Counting Hours’ The Will. The title track serving as a subtle but moody intro before Profound sends thing spiralling into darkness. Down and down into nothingness, the melodic edge to the sound doing little to offset the feeling of hopelessness.

It certainly doesn’t get any easier with Atonement as even a super-mellow drop drips in melancholic vibes. Whereas to Exit All False has a bit more of an upbeat rhythm to the guitars and Saviour compliments it with something more uplifting. Although that’s still in Counting Hours darkly tinged and bleakly expressed way. While that pairing might lift the spirits somewhat, it’s not going on the house party playlist anytime soon!

Although Blank Sunrise might make it to the speakers to wrap up the night. A very outro song coming well before the end. It does make the return of the super-sadness that is Buried in the White a bit more palatable. A track that increases in velocity as it goes on.

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Which brings us to the penultimate and most musically extravagant effort in Our Triumph. A track that fully conveys the ‘stand tall’ mentality it is trying to convey. Before the exhaustion reaches its peak with the finale of Among the Pines We’ll Die. An encapsulation of what it Counting Hours mean by ‘depressive dark rock’ and a glorious way to end the suffering.

Counting Hours – The Will Full Track Listing:

1. The Will
2. Profound
3. Atonement
4. To Exit All False
5. Saviour
6. Blank Sunrise
7. Buried In The White
8. Our Triumph
9. Among The Pines We’ll Die


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Counting Hours - The Will (The Vinyl Division)
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