Album Review: Corpsessed – Succumb To Rot (Dark Descent Records)

Finland’s death metal pacesetters Corpsessed celebrate their 15th anniversary with the release of brand-new album, Succumb to Rot via Dark Descent Records on April 22nd, 2022.

A succinct slab of death metal that is old-school in nature but has a more hopeless style, enhanced by atmospheric touches. Succumb to Rot is the sound made as incorporeal hands grasp tightly and drag you down to dark depths.

A blistering bevy of guttural noise, the disgust and aggression rains down heavily from the moment Corpsessed unleash what they have to offer on this album. Tempo shifts only serving to make the listening experience all the more eye-watering and vomit-inducing.

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If you’re going to celebrate 15 years, there’s no better way to do it if you’re Corpsessed. Undeniable cruelty and unflinching hostility is what they offer here and all who enjoy extreme metal will lap this up.

Though it’s important to remind that what makes Succumb to Rot that little bit more interesting is the touches of atmosphere Corpsessed inject. Atmosphere that adds a layer of darkness, cold and unfeeling, these moments help turn a ruthless listen into something that seems thought out. Corpsessed haven’t become possessed by the rot, rather, they are in control of it.

Corpsessed – Succumb to Rot Full Track Listing:

1. Succumb to Rot
2. Relentless Entropy
3. Death-Stench Effluvium
4. Spiritual Malevolence
5. Calling Void
6. Sublime Indignation
7. Profane Phlegm
8. Pneuma Akathartos


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Corpsessed - Succumb To Rot (Dark Descent Records)
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