Album Review: Coraxo – Sol (Snow Wave Records)

Finnish metal band, Coraxo will release their second album Sol, a science fiction story of humanity’s battle against the Lovecraftian cosmic terror Starlit Flame, on November 23rd 2017 via Snow Wave Records.

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While what Coraxo play is a familiar style of melody driven death metal with thumping riffs & ferocious speed. What makes their sound that little bit different is the use of sci-fi sounding synth & a wild level of experimentation.

The meat of the bones might have all the melodic death metal you can eat but it’s these extra touches that add more excitement to Sol. Of Stars Reborn, Satellite, Helios, Retrograde…the first half of the album is filled with a super high level blend of fist-pumping metal & catchy melody.

The standout track of the album comes in the form of the sublime Revenants. With guest female vocals adding a wicked edge to a gorgeous electronica-heavy beat, it’s a track that shows how well the two styles can mesh together.

After that breath-taking track, Ascension goes a bit ‘Devin Townsend’ with its unique flavour of rhythm & wackiness in the vocals.

Simply put, there isn’t a bad track on Sol at all. Sunlight has super catchy melody & Sacrifices delivers stunning heaviness before Spearhead finishes things off with a metal epic. There have been few albums that are as consistently great as this in 2017. Coraxo have delivered an absolute belter here.

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Coraxo – Sol Full Track Listing:

1. Your Life. Our Future
2. Of Stars Reborn
3. Satellite
4. Helios
5. Retrograde
6. Revenants
7. Ascension
8. Sunlight
9. Sacrifices Made
10. The Chase – In Hiding pt. 1
11. Spearhead

You can order the album now via Snow Wave Records here, earlier releases here & via Apple Music below. Keep up to date with Coraxo news via their website here, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook here. Check out some of their music on YouTube too.


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Coraxo - Sol (Snow Wave Records)
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