Album Review: Convulsif – Exctint (Hummus Records)

Swiss collective Convulsif is a bass (sinister), drums (diabolic), a bass clarinet (vicious) and a violin (fierce). A quartet of mad experimental extremists, they play the perfect aural delirium made from doom, noise, and drone. Nightmarish, repetitive, ritualized. Convulsif’s fifth album, Extinct is out on October 23rd 2020 via Hummus Records.

Are you ready to experience something exceptionally weird? Something excitingly twisted? Or something daringly unique? All three are Convulsif in a nutshell and on Extinct, they ramp up their experimental side to even more challenging levels.

You’ll feel every minute of it this. Not necessarily in a bad way but rather, in a ‘what the hell am I experiencing here’ kind way or ‘is that my brain I feel leaking out of ears’ kind of way.

Subtle and moody at times, wild and frantic at others, heavy as balls while also being atmospheric when called upon. The collection of instruments that make up the thick and choking sound are near unrecognisable when you consider what they are. For example: the violin. Has anyone ever heard it played in such a way? Not likely. The squealing horror such as found on the reclusive Five Days of Open Bones might just be too much for some people to handle.

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That track in particular is the showcase of this album as what follows is a shorter a more playful beat in Surround the Arms of Revolution and the even shorter blast of bassy noise that is Feed My Spirit Side By Side.

There’s no escaping the fact that it’s an interesting and unique album. If it’s any good though is certainly going to be down to individual tastes.

Convulsif – Extinct Full Track Listing:

1. Buried Between One
2. Five Days of Open Bones
3. Surround the Arms of Revolution
4. Feed My Spirit Side By Side
5. The Axe Will Break


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Convulsif - Exctint (Hummus Records)
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