Album Review: Concrete Caveman – Feral (Strange Mono Records)

Philadelphia-based grindcore/death-metal band, Concrete Caveman will release their debut album ‘Feral’ on November 10th, 2023, via Strange Mono Records.

It’s very apt that this album is called Feral as that single word perfectly sums up the savagery on show across this twelve-track album. Concrete Caveman combine the bludgeoning approach of death metal with the brutality that grindcore often brings.

Smashing heads breaking bones, ripping flesh, and loving every single moment of it, Concrete Caveman make no attempts to be nuanced here. It’s all about nastiness and that comes through strongly as each track is kept quite short and to the point. Yet that just makes the noise all the more palatable. Concrete Caveman’s grisliness is brazened, but it’s also quite exciting to listen to.



What might surprise listeners though is the variety that Concrete Cavemen have to offer. It’s an album filled with a constant barrage of speed and heaviness, but the approach fluctuates, and the results can be wild. Although that goes without saying for this three-piece. As, if they’ve proven anything with this record, it is that they want to be remembered as band who deal in devastation.

The extreme world of metal has plenty more room for a band of this calibre, and fans of manic maliciousness should certainly give them the time they deserve. Feral isn’t a long album, regardless of it being twelve tracks long, so it’s an easy commitment to make. More importantly though, it’s a commitment that defiantly pays off.

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Concrete Caveman – Feral Track Listing:

1. Visual Masochist
2. Feral
3. Blood Drunk
4. Death Spiral
5. Mental Epidemic
6. Helldotcom
7. Intruder
8. Tribal Warfare
9. The Price of Power
10. Doom Scrolls
11. Violent Nightmare
12. Time Will Tell


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Concrete Caveman - Feral (Strange Mono Records)
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