Album Review: Cherym – Take It Or Leave It (Alcopop! Records)

Cherym are a queer pop-punk three-piece from Derry in Northern Ireland who take influence from the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins, Bikini Kill, American Football, PUP and Pixies. After a handful of successful EP and single releases, the group will now release their hotly-anticipated debut album ‘Take It or Leave It’ on February 16th, 2024 via Alcopop! Records.

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There are a lot of catchy tunes on this record, let’s get that clear from the start. Cherym take props from an old-school pop-punk sound, especially when it comes to choruses, but add a layer of garage rock and punk attitude to things. This trio have plenty to say on this record, and while that is so important, it doesn’t outweigh the anthemic qualities of the release overall.

Anthemic qualities that makes Alpha Beta Sigma one hell of a singalong, makes The Thing About Them such an impactful tune, and Taking Up Sports such a blast of energy. You can learn a hell of a lot about Cherym with these first few tracks, especially when it comes to lyrical content. Taking no prisoners with lyrics regarding toxicity, ignorance surrounding pronouns, and falling in love on the football field.

Don’t like what Cherym have to say? They don’t give a f**k and if you’re stupid enough to be mad that a band that proudly calls themselves queer is not playing coy with their lyrical content, nobody wants to hear from you. Especially as the overriding fact is this album is pure pop punk infectiousness. The likes of Colourblind, If I Was A Man, Binary Star, and AW TYSM are undeniable anthems, even as each offers variety in style and there is a sugary flavour overall.

Fans of old-school pop punk, with an edge, will find themselves really liking this record and it is more than digestible. Ten tracks, a little over half an hour, and nothing to get bored with. The enjoyability hits another high point with Do It Another Day, a track that deals with being overwhelmed and depressed. Though Am I Enough, with its strong bass thrum and lyrical content surrounding a toxic relationship and the damage it can have on a person’s mental state, is also pretty damn good.

Cherym have impressed here, and they end the album in style with the fantastic retro feeling pop punk banger that is It’s Not Me It’s You. Just try and not dance and sing along to this one, it’s impossible.

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Cherym – Take It or Leave It Track Listing:

1. Alpha Beta Sigma
2. The Thing About Them
3. Taking Up Sports
4. Colourblind
5. If I Was a Man
6. Binary Star
8. Do It Another Day
9. Am I Enough
10. It’s Not Me It’s You


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Cherym - Take It Or Leave It (Alcopop! Records)
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