Album Review: Charming Timur – Focused Rage (Self Released)

Coming out of Finland, Charming Timur is the work of one man, Santeri Lohi. The album, Focused Rage is a desolate & despair driven piece of work but one that is great to listen too. It will be released independently on August 31st 2017.

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Focused Rage is a very difficult album to describe. A twelve track album filled with psychedelic melodies, chaotic riffs, mind-bending electronica & soul-destroying heaviness. Focused Rage is a dark album, one about embracing the side of yourself that we all keep buried.

The echoing effects of opener, Rampage Anthem begin things strongly revealing catchiness that many may not be initially expected. The final moments in particular are incredible to hear.

The darkness is piled on to uncomfortable levels with Dangerous to Self and Others (puts you in the mind of early NIN) & Hand of God. This is music to lose yourself in, music that might force some self-reflection but you’ll be grateful for at the end.

That’s not to say it’s completely filled with morose & depressing sounds. A Bit Clingy’s electronica is light & upbeat with the warbling vocal style complimenting it well, Psychotic Depression has surprisingly bouncy moments (at least at the start) & The Morning Meds twisty riffs are very exciting.

Intersected around the darker mood tracks, it helps keep the album moving in a positive direction even though it does begin to weigh down heavily on you nearer the end.

Thankfully Focused Rage ends on Special, a gorgeous track that leaves you with feelings of hope & happiness. It’s further proof that Charming Timur have produced something pretty special here.

There will be some people who don’t like the heavy reliance of effects used but you only have to look at the success of the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry & even Enter Shikari to see there is a market for it.

As part of a new wave of bands/artists Charming Timur sounds like it has a very bright future ahead.

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Charming Timur – Focused Rage Full Track Listing:

1. Rampage Anthem
2. Dangerous to Self and Others
3. Hand of God
4. A Bit Clingy
6. Blackouts
7. Breaking Free from the Samsara
8. Psychotic Depression
9. Against the Brainwashed
10. Not the Same Anymore
11. The Morning Meds
12. Special

Head over to Bandcamp & CDBaby to pick up some of Charming Timur’s music & find out more on Blogspot here & on Facebook. You can also check out some of the music through Apple Music below.


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Charming Timur - Focused Rage (Self Released)
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