Album Review: Celesti Alliance – Hybrid Generation (Self Released)

Celesti Alliance is a melodic heavy metal band from Finland. Its influences derive mainly from 80‘s metal classics such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept and Helloween. The band was founded in 2013 and has published 2 EPs, “Eagle’s Nest” (2015) and “Time to Rise” (2017) so far.

Their debut album called ”Hybrid Generation” will be released on November 29th 2019.

The synthy goodness that welcomes us to Celestial Law is down-right grin-inducing. It literally could be played over the opening credits of an 80’s sci-fi action movie. Although it’s short-lived, the old school vibes aren’t left behind as this opener has serious classic metal makeup. From the screeching riffing, the fiery thrum of the rhythm and the clean, powerful vocal performance. It’s a lot of fun, the horn-throwing and head-banging kind.

Fierce and Free brings a nice chuggy beat to the party alongside a bit more snarl and snark to the vocals. Nothing too unusual, just enough to make the track obviously different. Whereas Shadow Children has a real sense of grandness to it. From the very start, the fist starts pumping and won’t stop until the last notes have played out. A real highlight of the album.

After the stomping beat of the previous track, it’s back to a faster style with Broken Memories. A track that shows a bit more of a galloping rhythm with plenty of bite too. Whereas Solitude has slow bassy groove, a lot of flair to the riffs and a damn strong chorus that just gets stuck in the brain.

At this stage, it’s hard not to love Hybrid Generation and what Celesti Alliance have accomplished here. Yes, it’s so rooted in an old school metal sound, it literally adds years to your life just listening to it. However, it’s so damn good there can really be no complaints about this.

Reverting back to that synth-sci-fi edge that came up at the start, Incomplete is the soundtrack to a dystopian future where a bad-ass speeds down a desolate highway watched by mutants. Louder Power is an apt title for a track that really draws its inspiration from the likes of Judas Priest and finally the title track sees what else has been done so far on the album and says to hell with that.

For starters it’s 10 and a half minutes long. That should see a eyebrow or two raise. An epic length requires an epic listen though and Celesti Alliance absolutely deliver it here. An ambitious closer that serves as a reminder that they’re not a heavy metal tribute band. They’re more then capable of making music that will have their name uttered in the same breath as the greats one day.

Going off this album, it’s not impossible to imagine.

Celesti Alliance – Hybrid Generation Full Track Listing:

1. Celestial Law
2. Fierce and Free
3. Shadow Children
4. Broken Memories
5. Solitude
6. Incomplete
7. Louder Power
8. Hybrid Generation


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Celesti Alliance - Hybrid Generation (Self Released)
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