Album Review: Catharsis – Human Failures (Mad Lion Records)

Human Failures is the new album of Polish death metallers Catharsis and it will be released on June 25th, 2021 via Mad Lion Records.

There’s a fair bit more technicality to Catharsis’ Human Failures that gives it a richer taste. Oh, it’s still undoubtably death metal but they’re also showing off some of their instrumental proficiency. Hell, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Which they are more than happy to do. The enormous expanse of Slaves to Money and Greed, nauseating barbarity of Your Truth and the lusciously murky and warped Village of Witches will show you that. Of course, the intense level of technicality doesn’t overshadow what is just as important and that is the savage heaviness of their death metal makeup. Be under no illusions, Catharsis are ripping and tearing their way through soft and pliable flesh.

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Dirty and guttural vocals, razor sharp riffs and deep bass hooks, bone crushing drums… everything about Catharsis hurts. Seven tracks might seem short but there’s no short-changing here. We’re not even just talking about the length of tracks but rather how packed in each one is. Or how it stays true to the core death metal sound without being ‘just another death metal album’.

The trio are talented and have delivered a chunky slab of metal with immense flourishes of technicality. Check it out.

Catharsis – Human Failures Full Track Listing:

1. Through the Eyes of a Child
2. Slaves to Money and Greed
3. Your Truth
4. Made of Blood
5. Village of Witches
6. House of Sand and Fog
7. My Last Words


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Catharsis - Human Failures (Mad Lion Records)
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