Album Review: Carnation – Where Death Lies (Season of Mist)

Embrace the new death metal overlords and their second full length ‘Where Death Lies’! Carnation equals blistering and crushing death metal madness and, with this new chapter, return with relentless destruction and greater punishment than ever before.

The new album will be released on September 18th 2020 via Season of Mist.

With the fire and fury of decades of death metal behind them, Carnation grab the savage bull by the horns, throw themselves upon it and take control of the bucking and violent beast with ease. An ease that you have to just sit back and admire as any misstep would be a disaster.

That’s not the case though as Carnation showcase a masterful display of control while exuding intense threat and delivering long-lasting devastation. This, their second full length, sees the group having grown in confidence and able to put their united skills to such good use.

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Nine tracks of the most punishing death metal, an ode to the past greats that have also been able to control the beast, while showing some of their own tricks off too. The relentless scorn that pours from every bloodying riff, every smash of the drums, every sharp bass hook and every throaty roar is earth-shattering in its intensity. It’s as though Carnation has one goal here and it is to make Where Death Lies as harsh and heavy to the ears as possible.

It’s paid off but in a much more refined and ‘clean’ way. Be under no illusions, this is raw and uncultivated death metal but purposefully so. A thought out approach that brings musical clarity and delivers exceptionally strong and consistently exciting fury.

2020 might be a bit of a shit show overall but when it comes to death metal, it’s proving to be one of the best years we’ve had in some time.

Carnation – Where Death Lies Full Track Listing:

1. Iron Discipline
2. Sepulcher of Alteration
3. Where Death Lies
4. Spirit Excision
5. Napalm Excision
6. Serpent’s Breath
7. Malformed Regrowth
8. Reincarnation
9. In Chasms Abysmal


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Carnation - Where Death Lies (Season of Mist)
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