Album Review: Caliban – Zeitgeister (Century Media Records)

It took German metalcore vets, Caliban recording a cover of Rammstein’s “Sonne” to realize that their native tongue was a seamless fit with their time-tempered collision of punishing riffs and Andreas Dörner’s urgent vocals. With fans hungry for the Essen-borne quintet to record an album exclusively in German, the band simply said: “Why not?” and “Zeitgeister” was born.

On May 14th 2021 it will be unleashed upon the world via Century Media Records.

What a damn cool idea this is. Caliban reaching deep into their impressive past for a new taste of classic tracks. The band building anticipation for things with the exciting orchestrated intro that is the title track.

Anticipation that is met with aplomb as Trauma (Arena of Concealment) explodes, the metalcore fire that the band are famous for, as clear as anything. Of course, the major difference here and on every track is the German-language vocals and what a difference they make. After all, it’s a harsh language to the ears which fits the harshness of Caliban perfectly. Having Nasty’s Matthi spit some words out too during a more ‘hip hop’ segment is an inspired touch too.

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What’s really cool about this album is that it could also serve as an introduction to Caliban for someone who has somewhere missed them over the decades. While it’s always going to serve as an oddity in their overall catalogue, they are every bit the fiery and furious beast they normally are. Case in point; Herz (I Will Never Let You Down) and Ausbruch nach Innen (Tyranny Of Small Misery). The former also showcasing the melodic part of the band’s intense metalcore sound. While the latter has the heaviest of breakdowns and some wicked guitar flair.

A tight and concise listen, Caliban rarely waste time and Feuer, zieh’ mit mir (Between The Worlds) is one of the most notably vocally different tracks. The band’s native tongue really adding some bite to the heavy bits but also sounding light and pleasing during clean singing segments. Nichts ist für immer (All I Gave) brings grander sounding melodies and focused sharpness with heavier eruptions. Punchy and groovy, solid as heck metalcore music.

The last two reworked tracks, Intoleranz (Intolerance) and Mein Inferno (My Little Secret) prove that this was an excellent idea. Caliban forcibly ensuring that you will agree with them through the sheer crunchy metalcore noise they create. Don’t understand the language in the vocals? Don’t worry, everyone can understand the language of metal.

They’re not done yet though as Caliban give us some idea of where they’re at in 2021 with a brand new track called nICHts. While still sung in German, this is all about looking forward rather than backwards. That being said, it’s unmistakably Caliban; breakdowns and melodies and everything in between.

Worth every second of their time and every second of ours.

Caliban – Zeitgeister Full Track Listing:

1. Zeitgeister
2. Trauma (feat. Matthi from Nasty)
3. Herz
4. Ausbruch nach Innen
5. Feuer, zieh‘ mit mir
6. Nichts ist für immer
7. Intoleranz
8. Mein Inferno
9. nICHts



Caliban - Zeitgeister (Century Media Records)
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