Album Review: Cadence Noir – Physical Copy (Self Released)

Cadence Noir’s debut full length album ‘Physical Copy’ has finally arrived! Released on December 22nd 2018, it features 10 tracks that span a journey through their folked-up take on blues, metal, Rock, country and traditional Celtic music.

Available digitally and as a physical CD double-disc package including the CD and a DVD of the band’s entire performance from Bloodstock 2018.

Cadence Noir 3

It’s that performance that we’re still gutted about missing (alas site work kept us away) but at least we have this album to enjoy now. Which is the key word in regards to Cadence Noir’s folksy music. Easy to enjoy. Now there’s no getting away from the fact that Physical Copy is a little rough on the ears in regards to production. Everything sounds just a little too sharp.

However it doesn’t stop the quality of the band shine through across 10 tracks. We begin with the rollicking folk affair of The Traveller, an opener that is more likely to see a jig break out than a pit but is all kinds of catchy.

It’s really interesting that a much more metal-oriented track follows with Remoaner at least until we hit the chorus. That draws influence from traditional Celtic music and uses violins expertly alongside the breathy vocals.

So far, so good. We then get a frantic rock/folk medley in the form of the excellent Demons Lament. A track that is strong in every department and belongs on every folk rock/metal playlist of the modern day.

You have to love how Cadence Noir don’t sound like a tribute band trying to take the well-trodden path walked by many before them. Of course there are recognisable elements but there is more than enough going on throughout Physical Copy to see this fledgling band stand out from the crowd.

Fear not, if folk isn’t your thing. Cadence Noir have plenty more to offer in regards to catchy rock rhythm such as Voyages (the duel vocal moment is great) and the straight up rock and roll effort of Hold Me Down. It’s hard not to see those ‘anti’ the genre having their head turned by at least a handful of tracks here.

It’s the folk side of things that sees things out with a slight country twang to the guitars on A Dove Amongst Eagles. An uplifting and surprisingly emotive track. We’re not quite done yet though as CD buyers will get themselves a tasty bonus track in the shape of #FFBB. Wondering what FFBB stands for? Well it’s shouted at the start of the rockabilly number…

“Fuck, fuck, boom, boom”

Well said, Cadence Noir.

Cadence Noir 2

Cadence Noir – Physical Copy Full Track Listing:

1. The Traveller
2. Remoaner
3. Demons Lament
4. Church
5. Voyages
6. A Truth Held Dear
7. Homage
8. Hold Me Down
9. A Dove Amongst Eagles
10. #FFBB (CD Bonus Track)



Physical Copy can be bought now over on Bandcamp and you can find out more about Cadence Noir over on Facebook.


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Cadence Noir - Physical Copy (Self Released)
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