Album Review: Cadaver Putrefacto – La Maldicion del Zombi Errante (Brutal Records)

La Maldicion del Zombi Errante is the first full length album from Argentinean death metal band, Cadaver Putrefacto. It was released late in 2017 digitally but will see a physical release on April 6th 2018 via Brutal Records.

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Time to get nasty…

Low, dirty, guttural, filth-encrusted…these are all words that come to mind listening to what Cadaver Putrefacto deliver here. A brutalising force of death metal that is a constant sonic assault. Forget rhythm and melody, this is just a maelstrom of disgusting sounds that will leave you feeling uneasy but pleased.

What they do, they do so very well. Sure, tracks like Regreso al Horror, Gerontofilia and Macabra Coleccion are soul-suckingly heavy but it’s the kind of death metal sound that the old school fans will embrace gladly.

If you want to have your mind melted & your neck muscles spasming then look no further then La Maldicion del Zombi Errante, it certainly does the job.

Cadaver Putrefacto 2

Cadaver Putrefacto – La Maldicion del Zombi Errante Full Track Listing:

1. Sangriento Frenesi
2. Regreso al Horror
3. Londres Bajo la Luna
4. Gerontofilia
5. Escatologica Obsesion
6. Sadica Venganza
7. Cadaver Putrefacto
8. Macabra Coleccion
9. Misogina Humillacion



Check it out yourself via Bandcamp above & stream via Spotify here. You can also order the physical album via Brutal Records here. Find out more about the band on Facebook, Instagram and watch some of their video’s on YouTube.


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Cadaver Putrefacto - La Maldicion del Zombi Errante (Brutal Records)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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