Album Review: Burning Witches – The Dark Tower (Napalm Records)

Burning Witches unleash a searing attack once more with their fifth studio album and Napalm Records debut, The Dark Tower, out May 5, 2023.

The queens of heavy f**king metal are back. It’s Burning Witches and if you can guarantee one thing about this album before you’ve even hit play, it’s that you’re going to end up with a sore neck.

Bang your head – it’s not a request, but a demand as the group come screaming out of hell with the frenzied old-school rager that is Unleash the Beast. This following a chilling and atmospheric intro of Rise of Darkness. Burning Witches have lit the match and are gleefully eyeing up the tinder.

There is a stupid amount of talent in this band, and even though some may bemoan the throwback metal sound they employ, absolutely no-one can deny that they nail the sound and vibe of the classic era. All while not sounding dated or repetitive. It’s why tracks like Renegade, Evil Witch, and World on Fire are so damn enjoyable

With a bountiful bevy of high-powered riffs, sharp hooks, growling and epic vocals, and more guitar solos than strands of hair left on an 80s loving head-banger’s head. The Dark Tower delivers the bombastic metal that Burning Witches have become so notorious for.

Yet, they are also extremely capable of delivering melodic epics such as Tomorrow. Vocalist Laura really showing her range here and likely to drop a jaw or two.

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The frenetic energy and pounding heavy groove is back with the title track and Heart of Ice, following a creepy and sinister intermission called House of Blood. Burning Witches continue to show just how versatile they can be while demanding that listeners bang their head into oblivion. A demand that most will be more than willing to adhere too simply because The Dark Tower is such a blast.

It’s pretty much non-stop heavy metal screamers and bangers from beginning to end and tops anything Burning Witches have done before. Yes, this is the highlight of their careers to date simply because they sound so confident, have refined their sound, are avoiding unnecessary padding, and lean completely into the anthemic side of their sound. Even as Arrow of Time, Doomed to Die, Into the Unknown, and The Lost Souls complete the album in colossal style. Burning Witches showing a high level of bravado right up to the very end.

Burning Witches – The Dark Tower Track Listing:

1. Rise Of Darkness
2. Unleash The Beast
3. Renegade
4. Evil Witch
5. World On Fire
6. Tomorrow
7. House Of Blood
8. The Dark Tower
9. Heart Of Ice
10. Arrow Of Time
11. Doomed To Die
12. Into The Unknown
13. The Lost Souls


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Burning Witches - The Dark Tower (Napalm Records)
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