Album Review: Burning Witches – Dance With the Devil (Nuclear Blast)

All female heavy metal band Burning Witches have been making waves in a very short amount of time. Clad in jeans and leather, the band are feverishly committed to the true, real, galloping thunder of traditional heavy metal.

Signing to Nuclear Blast for their well-received 2018 debut, Hexenhammer and touring the world afterwards, there’s no time for Burning Witches to rest on their laurels.

Their new album, Dance With the Devil will be released on March 6th 2020 via Nuclear Blast.

The heavy metal manifesto that Burning Witches live by is one that is very familiar to all metal fans. Break-neck speed, hurtling riffing, colossal solos and much, much more. The band embody the spirit of heavy fucking metal and on Dance With the Devil they cement their importance to the genre.

After a sinister intro (The Incantation), the head-bangers step forth with the ripping and roaring Lucid Nightmare. It’s so fast, so heavy and so exciting, the guitar soloing completely on another heavy metal level.

The excellently catchy previously released title track comes next and is a genuine foot-tapper. The vocals ranging from snarling to mournful in an instant but it’s the riffs that make this such a grand track. A powerful effort, Wings of Steel and Six Feet Underground are just as grand. The former in particular is personal favourite, with one of the albums best guitar solos.

After a more mellow but epic tune in the form of Black Magic, it’s back to throwing the horns and letting the hair go wild with Sea of Lies, The Sisters of Fate and Necronomicon. All killer tracks in their own right.

Proving that it wasn’t a ‘one off’ with the previous album, Burning Witches keep the fire burning right to the very end. The Final Fight and Threefold Return sparking any dying embers back in life. Before the darkness begins to creep in with Battle Hymn, a finale that features Ross the Boss and Michael Lepond.


Burning Witches – Dance With the Devil Full Track Listing:

1. The Incantation
2. Lucid Nightmare
3. Dance With The Devil
4. Wings Of Steel
5. Six Feet Underground
6. Black Magic
7. Sea Of Lies
8. The Sisters Of Fate
9. Necronomicon
10. The Final Fight
11. Threefold Return
12. Battle Hymn (feat. Ross The Boss & Michael Lepond)


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Burning Witches – Dance With the Devil (Nuclear Blast)
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