Album Review: Burning Shadows – Truth in Legend (Self-Released)

The third full length album from Maryland’s Burning Shadows, Truth in Legend will be released on May 5th 2017. 8 tracks of glorious sounding power metal in the vein of Helloween, Iced Earth & Blind Guardian.

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The opening guitar wails of Day of the Darkness leads into a very ‘fist in the air’ sing along song. It has a very ‘go to war’ feel about it, something that is prevalent throughout Truth in Legend. Thankfully this is some seriously good power metal. Packed with riffs, wailing vocals, guitar solos & much more, it’s a real feel good record.

The upbeat, foot tapping rhythm of Soundwind is a serious highlight of the 8 track record. The melodies are exciting but the solos are what really stands out. No filler at all here, just a stonkingly good piece of guitar driven metal!

Sworn to Victory keeps things ticking along nicely before From the Stars absolutely tears it up with the best riff work & vocal moments of the entire album. An absolutely rocking song, it’s power metal at its strongest creating fantastical imagery steeped in mythology.

Unlike many of their power metal companion bands, Burning Shadows deal in a much faster & harder sound as evident in the seriously heavy title track, Truth in Legend. It really helps them stand out from the crowd as it rarely gives time to breath. At this stage of the album there is no doubt that Burning Shadows have released a seminal power metal record, something that may one day be talked about in the same way as Iced Earth’s Night of the Stormrider, Helloween’s Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part II  & Blind Guardian’s Imaginations From the Other Side.

The one flaw in this excellent record is the ballad, The Blessed. Vocally it’s another strong showing & the guitar melody is comforting but the classical instruments don’t add anything to the song. The violin is heavily overshadowed by the guitars. It’s not a bad song at all, in fact it’s got a killer solo at the end that will have all the lighters out but it’s not going to be remembered afterwards as a strong point.

Amazingly Truth in Legend comes to a close with a 13+ minute epic. This is the final song of an album that hasn’t dropped the ball once with the faster & more intense blasts of power metal. There shouldn’t be any concerns & if there were they’ll pass once it really gets going.

The galloping nature of the guitars & drums fits the lyrical content perfectly. This is a finale to a journey that feels like the parting of friends. The battles are won, everyone who made this far is exhausted but satisfied & now it’s time to go.

“Ride on for freedom, ride on for glory”

Burning Shadows – Truth in Legend Full Track Listing:

1. Day of Darkness
2. Southwind
3. Sworn to Victory
4. From the Stars
5. The Last One to Fall
6. Truth in Legend
7. The Blessed
8. Deathstone Rider

Pop over to Burning Shadows official website here to order the album now. Also check the band out over on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram & YouTube. You can also check out their earlier work on major streaming services.


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Burning Shadows - Truth in Legend (Self-Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10

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