Album Review: Burning Hatred- Carnage (Morbid Skull Records)

Released in April 2016 initially, the debut album, Carnage, from Netherlands based metal band, Burning Hatred is getting a tape re-release on June 30th 2017 via Morbid Skull Records.

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Sometimes the name of a band will instantly tell you what you’re likely to be about to hear. Chances are that with a band called Corpse-fucker you’re not likely to hearing upbeat mellow pop-punk tunes.

Burning Hatred play smash-mouth death metal with a slight rancid whiff of thrash. It’s fast, heavy & filled with a sharp edge. Ten songs, ten ways in which Burning Hatred can hurt you.

The opening double header of The Rawagede Massacre & Reign of Horror showcase the pulverising beats but also reveal a rhythmic quality that isn’t always associated with death metal. The riffs in Reign of Horror in particular really make a difference & stop it slipping into boring territory.

Fans of an old-school death metal vibe will find plenty to enjoy here. It’s non-stop filth spat at the listener but it’s incredibly listenable. It’s an album that you don’t want to put down.

The meaty riffs of Religious Insanity, the pacey drum beat & slamming solo of Dying Day and the fantastic guitar chug of Perceived Infestation. Plenty of good, solid metal death metal tracks, it just lacks that extra bit that pushes it over the edge. You’ll have a great time listening to it but afterwards you’ll struggle to remember a lot of it.

Short, no-nonsense tracks, Carnage ends on the slower, moodier March Towards Death. An uninspired finish, one that comes & goes within an instant. A pity as the album really needed a strong finish.

Burning Hatred 2

Burning Hatred – Carnage Full Track Listing:

1. The Rawagede Massacre
2. Reign of Horror
3. Carnage of War
4. Desecration
5. Religious Insanity
6. Dying Day
7. Bedevilment
8. Doomed City
9. Perceived Infestation
10. March Towards Death

You can pick the album over on Bandcamp as well as some of their other music. You can also check it out on most major streaming sites such as Apple Music below. Head over to Morbid Skull Records to order the tape version too. Go to Facebook to find out more about Burning Hatred & here for Morbid Skull Records’ Facebook page. Finally you can listen to some of the band’s music over on YouTube.


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Burning Hatred- Carnage (Morbid Skull Records)
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