Album Review: Buried – Oculus Rot (Brutal Mind)

Brutal Mind will release Oculus Rot, the new album from Dutch Death Metal crew Buried on the 14th February 2021. Featuring former members of Pyaemia, Buried pays tribute to old school Death Metal, but with a unique, modern twist.

Buried released the following statement concerning the band’s style and the forthcoming album:

You may remember the brutal vocals of Joel Sta and the insane drumming of Robbe V, as they were part of the brutal death metal band Pyaemia. Now they’re up for something new: together with Worm on bass – who also played in Pyaemia – they have teamed up with Steve on guitars who adds a lot of groove in his songwriting.

Bands like Suffocation, Revocation and Decapitated are big influences on our sound, and even Pantera comes to mind. We like it heavy, sometimes with odd time signatures and at the same time we want the audience to bang their heads. The lyrical theme is about all dark things we call upon ourselves. Nothing new on that part, just brutal stuff!

There’s a reason why in that above statement, the drums and vocals are highlighted by the band immediately. One listen to this roaring album will tell you exactly why. Those two particular instruments are on another level of heaviness. Ripping and tearing through everything, the speed of drums and the vitriol that is spat out by the vocals is unbelievable and that’s just the start.

There’s no let up, Buried have a point to make here and it’s one rooted in the old-school of the death metal sound but with a touch more groove coming from the guitars. Which certainly can’t be overlooked as they provide much of the meat to the tracks. Adding some levity to what is a very dark and violent record for the most part.

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Think of the wildest flurries of death metal you can then multiply it by 10. That’s what Buried have to offer here. That they’re so damn good at it is less of a surprise considering the calibre of the band. Still, to make such an impressive dent into a genre with one that consistently has bands producing their best is no small feat. Buried are bringing the savage heavy this Valentine’s Day. Something for you and your partner to have a personal circle pit too.

Buried – Oculus Rot Full Track Listing:

1. Retribution
2. Anti Body
3. Tornado of Blood
4. Buried
5. Oculus Rot
6. Leech
7. Splintered
8. Paradise
9. Tenebrous Worm


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Buried - Oculus Rot (Brutal Mind)
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