Album Review: Brandy and the Butcher – Dick Circus (River Monster Records)

It may be 2020, but South Carolina punks Brandy and the Butcher party like it’s 1979.  A staple in Columbia’s heavy music scene, this outfit channels CBGB’s with every stage they step on. After releasing several singles and EPs to many accolades, Brandy and the Butcher is now putting out their debut LP Dick Circus on August 21st, 2020.

The immediate thought that jumps to mind with opener Ballerina is just how prominent the cowbell is. You don’t often hear it in modern rock music, especially stuff with a bit of a punk attitude as Brandy and the Butcher have. It’s a catchy start with a ton of energy.

Energy that is running throughout Dick Circus like a vein. Pool Party and the title track keeping the rock focus before Makin’ the Scene drops into a groovier and dive-bar sound that has plenty of sleaze to it.

The pace is even hotter for Misunderstood, a slight fuzz to the riffs and the bass echoing loudly in the background. While Monkey the Cat and Watch Me Go have plenty of snark but plenty of bounce too. Don’t expect many surprises here and you won’t be disappointed.

While, they rarely break from the formula they set out at the start, it doesn’t stop it being a damn fun listen. Short enough to get your groove on too without running out of energy. Who could, with a latter triple of Broken Bones, Technicolor Mandy and Earthquake. The finale has some of the album’s best guitar play.

A thoroughly enjoyable old-school kick up the rock ass.

Brandy and the Butcher – Dick Circus Full Track Listing:

1. Ballerina
2. Pool Party
3. Dick Circus
4. Makin’ the Scene
5. Misunderstood
6. Monkey the Cat
7. Watch Me Go
8. Broken Bones
9. Technicolor Mandy
10. Earthquake




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Brandy and the Butcher - Dick Circus (River Monster Records)
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