Album Review: Bob Katsionis – Prognosis & Synopsis (Symmetric Records)

Greek, Athens based multi-instrumentalist, producer, video director and composer Bob Katsionis returns with his 5th solo album titled ‘Prognosis & Synopsis’. Making both a synopsis of his solo career so far and a prognosis of where he is going to move musically in the future.

Known for his keyboard & guitar work with Firewind and Outloud and his solo career, He has been a member of Serious Black, Septic Flesh, Revolution Rennaisance and songwriter for Kamelot.

Prognosis & Synopsis was released on February 17th 2018 via Symmetric Records.

Bob Katsionis 2

The keyboard and percussion heavy start of Prognosis is a hell of a way to kick things off. Getting the hair standing up on the back of necks then made better by screeching guitar soloing stepping in. Complex and unique but so good.

There’s no getting away from the sense of epic that Prognosis & Synopsis has. Heavy on the guitar riffs, solos and hooks the likes of Tomorrow Starts Today, Asymmetric Parallels are fist-pumpingly excellent while the likes of Dark Matter and Aegean Sunset have an almost video-game like feel with their effects and keyboard driven melody. Listen to the latter and tell me you can’t see yourself fighting an epic final boss to that soundtrack!

The synthy sci-fi effects of The Messenger and haunting melody of Amnesia keep the momentum up before ending on the thumping Synopsis. A great finale to a genuinely great effort from Bob Katsionis. The complexity of the riffing doesn’t detract from what are uniquely smart and hair-raising tracks.

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Bob Katsionis – Prognosis & Synopsis Full Track Listing:

1. Prognosis
2. Secret Of The Nomads
3. Tomorrow Starts Today
4. Dark Matter
5. Asymmetric Parallels
6. Aegean Sunset
7. The Messenger
8. Cold Embrace
9. Amnesia
10. Synopsis



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Bob Katsionis - Prognosis & Synopsis (Symmetric Records)
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