Album Review: Boatman’s Toll – The Fat is in the Fire (Seeing Red Records)

Originally released in 2017, to celebrate signing with Seeing Red Records, Chicago’s Boatman’s Toll will release a label version of their album, The Fat is in the Fire. One that includes a brand new song ‘Fossil’ ( as a preview of what is to come) as well as a cover of Acid Bath’s ‘The Blue’.

This new version will be released via Seeing Red Records on the 19th July 2019.

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A potent mix of filthy sludge, aggressive death metal and infused with just a touch of stoner rock. The Fat is in the Fire has a number of fronts to attack on. Each track as vicious and pummelling as the last.

Yes, it is heavy, yes, it is relentless but with a varied approach, this isn’t an album that starts to get too sickly. In fact, its punches are direct and with purpose. Just listen to the first track to hear that. Riffs that blaze, gruff yet emotive vocals, a cleaner rockier soloing…it’s very effective.

Not to be outdone though, the likes of Corporate Indentured Servitude is wilder and way more intense. Boatman’s Toll showing off their death metal credentials in style before Becoming the Flood introduces a bit of bluesy riffing and deep stoner vibes to proceedings. Amazing stuff.

In the Falling Away lays the sludge down thickly, Torn introduces a segment of eerie yet impressive clean vocals, Nothing Means Nothing takes an aggressive stance of furious righteousness and the title track wraps up the original album in blistering metal form.

We’re not done yet though as we get the new track, Fossils. A simple drum beat introduces it before twisted sounding guitars step in and it builds in power and ferocity leading to a truly frantic latter half. All before it takes things back down for a breathless final minute. This is what we have to expect going forward? Yes please!

Finally we have a cover of Acid Bath’s The Blue to close out the album. A banger even before Boatman’s Toll touched it and they certainly do it justice!

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Boatman’s Toll – The Fat is in the Fire Full Track Listing:

1. Slumber No More
2. Corporate Indentured Servitude
3. Becoming the Flood
4. In the Falling Away
5. Cat Food
6. Torin
7. The Children of Death Herself
8. Nothing Means Nothing
9. Recycle the Flesh
10. The Fat is in the Fire
11. Fossils
12. The Blue (Acid Bath Cover)




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Boatman's Toll - The Fat is in the Fire (Seeing Red Records)
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