Album Review: Blut – Fuck the Future (Cursed Monk Records)

Purveyors of malevolent drone doom since 2009, Dorset’s Blut (Simon Moors – Guitars, Screams, Noise, & Shaun Rutter (Ex-Electric Wizard) – Drums, Noise) invoke black tar communions for the truly lost and forgotten. Destruction through repetition! Repetition through destruction! Broken amps forever! Their new album ‘Fuck the Future’ is out now digitally with a CD release to come on August 18th via Cursed Monk Records.

What the actual hell is this!? I like a lot of drone, I like a lot of doom, I like a lot of combinations that utilise both. Especially when it comes from a deep and dark place. The challenge is exciting, and I think I know how to get into the headspace needed to fully invest in a record like this.

Except, there is no other record like this. Along comes a band like Blut to leave me feeling as though every other drone and doom record I’ve heard previously, was just play time. It is beyond ugly, exceptionally unlovable, pure discomfort in aural form, and I love it. Chances are, if you have a taste for this sort of thing, you will too.

Fuck the Future has just three tracks but don’t be fooled, each is gigantic, most notably the first, Born.Suffer.Die (attack on southern England) Grieve.Suffer.Die, which just so happens to be nearly 43-minutes long. Yes, you read that right. It is 42 minutes and 44 seconds long and it feels every second if it. That’s not to say it’s boring or uninspired, it’s simply that Blut take their time and move through different abrasive stages as though their instruments are covering in glue.



It is dripping in otherworldly horror vibes, the sounds of madness personified, and unforgiving when it comes to repetitiveness. The epitome of drone, but fascinating as it slowly develops.

Alongside that, if you can believe this, are two more tracks. One slightly over 16-minutes long and one at around 10 and a half minutes long. Each as cavernous and cacophonous as the other. Can your mind withstand the punishment? It’s a very big ask and there’s no real way to sell this album, except to say, it’s something you experience rather than listen to.

Blut walk the line between genius and madness, that much is for sure.

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Blut – Fuck the Future Track Listing:

1. Born.Suffer.Die (attack on southern England) Grieve.Suffer.Die
2. Final.Exit.Network
3. Fuck.The.Future (Chains of Depression)


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Blut - Fuck the Future (Cursed Monk Records)
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