Album Review: Bloodletter – Funeral Hymns (Petrichor)

Bloodletter hails from Chicago, Illinois. A city that has a turbulent past and that has been home to a booming rock and Metal-scene from the 60’s up to now. A shared love for metal brought these four skilled musicians together and led to the birth of Bloodletter. With several eps and a full length under their belt already the band emerge into the gloomy winter of 2021 with Funeral Hymns. It will be released on February 19th via Petrichor.

Bringing a bevvy of riffs, fast paced thrashing metal rhythm and a touch of the darker side of metal here and there, Bloodletter cause a fair amount of chaos. They seem to have one speed and one speed alone… hyper. They start off racing like their arses are on fire with Absolution Denied and burn through The Grim and Funeral Bell in short order. Blink and you’ll miss them but that ringing in your ears serves a reminder that something just happened. Whereas the silly grin confirms that you definitely liked it.

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The thrashing tempo doesn’t halt after the first couple of tracks, Bloodletter have no patience for your pleas of mercy. Burnt Beyond Recognition, Death Masks, Mark of Justice… it’s a constant flurry of frantic guitars, blasting drum beats, bass thrums and vocals akin to a knife scrapping on bone. That track after track sounds as interesting as the last or has some aspect, such as a ferocious guitar solo, that stands out, is testament to the quality found here.

Even though the latter half of the album has Bloodletter stubbornly refusing to change tact, it never gets boring. Blood, Bone and Ash has such a great solo that it reinvigorates the muscles, ready for another bout of head-banging. Ready for Guillotine, Disinterment, Hang and I Am the End to pulverise everything into dust.

Bloodletter – Funeral Hymns Full Track Listing:

1. Absolution Denied
2. The Grim
3. Funeral Bell
4. Burnt Beyond Recognition
5. Death Masks
6. Mark of Justice
7. Blood, Bone and Ash
8. Guillotine
9. Disinterment
10. Hang
11. I Am the End


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Bloodletter - Funeral Hymns (Petrichor)
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