Album Review: Blood Command – Praise Armageddonism (Hassle Records)

Blood Command against the world. It is these five words that Yngve Andersen and Nikki Brumen live every moment; the mantra that guides Bergen, Norway’s “death pop” quintet spiritually and sonically, and which forms the soul of their fourth full-length record, Praise Armageddonism, released 1st July via Hassle Records.

It’s not a cult, it’s a religion and few won’t want to praise Armageddonism once they hear this incredible opening track. One that sends an eerie chill as the voice of Heaven’s Gate leader Marshall Applewhite rings out. There, because Blood Command’s music draws inspiration from the Heaven’s Gate movement. Exploring the theme that if you’re with them, you’re with them until the end.

As the speech culminates with the words ‘praise Armageddon’, Blood Command’s intense and energetic side is unleashed. A little bit punk, a bit hardcore, heavy, and noisy but infused with pop and a modern alt-sound.

If that’s got you intrigued than Saturday City and This End is Her will help turn that into a full-blown obsession thanks to the stupendously catchiness of these tracks. Bouncy and energetic, heartfelt, and passionate, both tracks blur the lines of alternative metal and rock nicely. Blood Command keeping you guessing but excited for what might come next.

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Which makes the explosivity noise of Everything You Love Will Burn just as surprising but ultimately lovable. Even if Blood Command are spitting and snarling with such ferociousness that it’s downright fearful.

Whereas A Questionable Taste in Friends might not be as intense, it’s still undoubtably heavy instrumentally. It also features some lung-busting roars from the vocals, even if the main focus is on peppier and accessible elements. Then there is the scornful punk-infused brilliance of A Villain’s Monologue and memorable battering that Nuns, Guns & Cowboys dishes out. An electrifying bunch of tracks.

Obsessed yet? You will be, so everything else on the album is just there to deepen that feeling, not detract from it. Earnest melodies on I Just Want That Movie Ending, sharp-witted and devilish tones on Burn the Blasphemer, and extensive, detailed and long-winded eccentricity on Last Call for Heaven’s Gate. The latter part of the album is as good as what came before and confirms Armageddonism as the sure-fire hit of the Summer.

Blood Command – Armageddonism Full Track Listing:

1. Praise Armageddonism (Awake Theme)
2. Saturday City
3. The End is Her
4. Everything You Love Will Burn
5. A Questionable Taste in Friends
6. A Villain’s Monologue
7. Nuns, Guns & Cowboys
8. I Just Want That Movie Ending
9. Burn the Blasphemer
10. Last Call for Heaven’s Gate


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Blood Command - Praise Armageddonism (Hassle Records)
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