Album Review: Black Pestilence – Hail the Flesh (Self Released)

Calgary, Canada’s Black Pestilence have announced its sixth studio album ‘Hail the Flesh’ arriving on May 1st, 2020 .

The abrasive sounds of Black Pestilence are contrived of black metal, punk, and noise, blurring the borders between genres and bringing a sonic assault to listeners around the world.

Hail the Flesh has been in the works for a year and a half, and it is the most mature and polished effort from the band since they began creating chaos in 2008.

Band founder, bassist and vocalist Valax adds:

‘Hail The Flesh’ will be fast, and chaotic. Lyrically, for it, I talk about glorifying the carnal lifestyle and celebrating Earthly pleasures and indulgences. I am inspired by so many different avenues for lyrics. Without sounding too cliche, most of the lyrics are about Satanism, but not on a theistic level, just true, carnal, humanistic Satanism. Many other songs are also about social issues.

As Valax says, Hail the Flesh is fast and chaotic. A steam-rolling blast of punkish metal with faded edges of blackened metal. Intensely focused on delivering a stream of harsh heaviness for fans of extreme noise to lap up like thirsty dogs.

…and lap you will as the title track, Spurn All Gods and Hellfire erupt with malicious and nefarious intent. The latter really nailing the punk/metal combination to perfection with its pace and sleazy guitar squeals.

After a showcase of short savagery with True to the Dark, Cloven Division delves deeper in the black metal sound of Black Pestilence. The ringing noise ear-bleeding and mind-mushing in its consistency.

They really don’t have another gear beyond ‘top’ which makes for a splitting headache of heavy but one that satisfies. After all there are only 9 tracks and as Godless spits and snarls, Frauds to the Throne exudes filthy groove, My Will to Power rages hard and Ephemeral drags the suffering out, the over-riding thought is Black Pestilence have impressed.

Black Pestilence – Hail the Flesh Full Track Listing:

1. Hail The Flesh
2. Spurn All Gods
3. Hellfire
4. True To The Dark
5. Cloven Division
6. Godless
7. Frauds To The Throne
8. My Will To Power
9. Ephemeral


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Black Pestilence - Hail the Flesh (Self Released)
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