Album Review: Black Oath – Behold The Abyss (High Roller Records)

Black Oath was formed in 2006 by A. Th (vocals, bass, guitar) with the intention to perform obscure and dark heavy metal, inspired by the traditional masters like Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost and Venom. Black Oath released various EPs, cassettes and are now ready to unleash their fourth album, Behold The Abyss via High Roller Records on November 16th 2018.

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A moody intro with wailing guitars sees Black Oath bring Behold the Abyss to life. With sombre melody, hard-hitting riffs built on darkness and clean, emotive vocals, the title track doesn’t disappoint. Especially when it ups the pace for a brief bit of intense guitar riffing and soloing.

The darkness is layered throughout and the six tracks that make up his album will leave you in a black mood. Chants of Aradia and Little Black Moon are very effective. The latter has some of the strongest riffs of the entire album.

Each track is a bit of an epic journey, taking the listener through deep and troubling times but with a sense of wondrous beauty. One such moment can be found in the excellent melody/vocal combo of Once Death Sang. The best song on the album but Profane Saviour certainly gives it a run for its money. A truly spectacular pair of darkly-coated metal tracks.

Behold the Abyss closes out in style too as Everlasting Darkness ensures as bleak as your mood might be now, it won’t change how impressed you will be by this offering.

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Black Oath – Behold the Abyss Full Track Listing:

1. Behold the Abyss
2. Chants of Aradia
3. Lilith Black Moon
4. Once Death Sang
5. Profane Saviour
6. Everlasting Darkness

You can order the album in a number of formats over at High Roller Records. Earlier releases can be picked up and streamed over on Bandcamp and you can find out more by liking Black Oath’s Facebook Page.

Black Oath - Behold The Abyss (High Roller Records)
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