Album Review: Black Lakes – For All We’ve Left Behind (Self Released)

All We’ve Left Behind is a new collection of music that has one foot placed firmly in the now and the other striding forward in collective hope for a brighter future in the darkest of times. Please welcome Black Lakes and their new album.

Whether we have lost loved ones, deprived from seeing family, or simply missing some of the luxuries we used to enjoy without restriction (restaurants, cinemas, live music), nearly all of us have had to leave something behind following the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. The songs on ‘For All We’ve Left Behind’ deal with a wide variety of themes, from loss, to anger at the present state of the world we live in, to finding strength through pain. It is a collection of songs that has been written with the hope of engaging listeners and reaching out to let them know they are not alone.

Black Lakes remind us what it is to be human in the modern digital age. For All We’ve Left Behind is released on the 22nd of February 2022.

If this album reaches one person, one person who hears it and thinks “yeah, I needed to hear that”, then Black Lakes will have accomplished their goal. They’re looking to connect to their listeners and offer a hand to help them through the dark times. It’s a tougher task than you might think so to hear Black Lakes accomplish it with such composure is very impressive.

Showcasing heartfelt alt-metal and hard rock sound, Black Lakes deal with difficult subjects but layer their new album with thoughtful reflections and a hopeful outlook. As melodic as it can be heavy, and it can be quite heavy, Black Lakes craft a memorable listen.

From the atmospheric, effects-laden intro of Exordium to the massive metal hit of energy that is Avarice. To the powerful rock panache and grunge touches of Dissident to the punchy groove and massive chorus of Fragments. The first few tracks hit all the right points to get the body moving and shaking in response to Black Lakes.

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With just a touch of melodrama, a keen understanding of modern rock and radio friendly metal, and impactful subject matters, Black Lakes’ continue to make their mark as the album goes on. Verity in Flames’ betrays its heavier moments by delivering a really catchy chorus. The Divide has more of that grungy feel, warped by chunky bass hooks and sharp guitar riffs. Landslide has some of the strongest and clearest vocals, dominating the melody but in such a commanding way. Ghosts (Of Our Memories) is an earnest and emotive number, and Deathrone is a virulent showcase of alt-metal.

There really isn’t a bad track on this album and the connection felt is so very real. It does mean the intense melodies of Break the Silence come with a sadness, but they make up for that with an impressive stretch of hard rockiness in the chorus. Complimented by the massive melodrama of the title track, an epic to end an epic album. At least if you don’t include the secret track, Black Days Come. A psych-tinged, grungy and groove-intense bonus.

Powerful stuff from Black Lakes.

Black Lakes – For All We’ve Left Behind Full Track Listing:

1. Exordium
2. Avarice
3. Dissident
4. Fragments
5. Verity in Flames
6. The Divide
7. Landslide
8. Ghosts (Of Our Memories)
9. Deathrone
10. Break the Silence
11. For All We’ve Left Behind
12. Black Days Come (Secret Track)


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Black Lakes - For All We've Left Behind (Self Released)
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