Album Review: Bisönte – Ancestral Punishment (Xtreem Music)

Doom/heavy sludge/stoner band, Bisönte was born in early 2020 and has hit the ground running. Recording their debut album “Ancestral Punishment” earlier this year and signing to Xtreem Music for the worldwide release on November 24th, 2020.

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Ancestral Punishment consists of six conceptual songs, which tell a story about the invasion and destruction by external beings of everything that some believe, possess and love without worrying about what they must do to defeat them and keep their style of life.

A dense and heavy sound with trippy elements here and there, Bisönte’s doom is the stuff that weighs heavily on the brain matter. More so as it goes on and it continues to disrupt the mental stability with eerie, clean vocals. With a pace akin to moving through a thick treacly swamp, the riffs of Bisönte are like concrete blocks attached to the feet. The bass is the sound of flies buzzing in the ears, thick and drunk on blood while the drums pound away like the sound of the swamp sucking at the soul.

Bisönte want you to sink into their melancholy sludge and few will be able to resist.

The album is rooted in the more classic sound of doom ala Candlemass but it also draws inspiration from some of the more modern, heavier elements. Showcased by occasional throaty roars and weird bits of electronica ambience. It’s a good mesh of styles that keeps focus on what is important, crushing doom.

Doom fans will eat up the disheartening nature of this album. Everyone else might find its torturous tempo a little too much. No-one is going to come away disappointed though.

Bisönte – Ancestral Punishment Full Track Listing:

1. Our Home
2. Two Worlds
3. Where Strangers Reside
4. The Arrival of Our End
5. Ancestral Punishment
6. New Beginning


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Bisönte - Ancestral Punishment (Xtreem Music)
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