Album Review: Bergraven – Det framlidna minnet (Nordvis)

Swedish avant-garde progressive dark metal act Bergraven’s upcoming album, Det framlidna minnet will be released on March 8th 2019 by Nordvis.

The band are never shy of venturing to the very edge of black metal terrain and staring into the maddening abyss. In the nine years since Till Makabert Väsen all three members have been busy with their exceptional Stilla project, which has served to take the edge off the longing for new material. Bergraven are, however, an altogether more complex, ethereal beast and allows the trio to indulge their more experimental proclivities.

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There is no listening to Bergraven’s Det framlidna minnet once. Or twice. Or three times. This is a record that requires multiple listens to really take in everything it has to offer. 54 minutes of darkness, bleakness, oddities and mad progressive moments. To say Bergraven’s imagination is running wild is an understatement but as the album goes on you can’t help but think this is just a daily thing for the band.

Alt sees the band be as melodic as they want to be while also having a core built on black metal. The rhythmic passages bleed wonderfully into off-centre guitar strumming and mad riffs. The vocals howl and scream while the drums kick up a storm. It’s wonderfully confusing, the kind that makes you want to know more.

More that can be found throughout Det framlidna minnet. More that is very welcome when we’re getting such high quality tracks as Den följsamma plågan and Minnets melankoli.

A compelling listen, the complexities hides a simplicity that makes it so appealing. Each track is part of a long and winding expedition. One that has highs and lows such as found on the unorthodox Leendet av hans verk. It doesn’t quite sit right in the mind, loose and uncomfortable but not unwelcome.

The spotlight then gets shined on Den dodes stigar, the most fascinating and irresistible track on an album filled with irresistible moments. The gloom of the avant-garde, post-metal harmonious sound with blackened metal drumming and intimidating vocals is remarkable.

Even the middle segment that all but disappears down a rabbit hole works as the track regrows in strength towards the end.

Those hoping for some relief from the penultimate track Till priset av vårt liv will be left wanting as this ten plus minute epic sees Bergraven pour all their blackness into one song. It has melodious moments but they are completely overshadowed by a harrowing level of horror. Technically it’s the album closer as Eftermale is just a short outro of jangling noises and effects that put the exclamation point on a great piece of work.

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Bergraven – Det framlidna minnet Full Track Listing:

1. Minnesgåva
2. Allt
3. Den följsamma plågan
4. Minnets melankoli
5. Leendet av hans verk
6. Den dödes stigar
7. Till priset av vårt liv
8. Eftermäle

The album can be ordered via Nordvis here and more information found out via Bergraven’s Facebook Page.


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Bergraven - Det framlidna minnet (Nordvis)
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