Album Review: Bearings – The Best Part About Being Human (Pure Noise Records)

Pop-punk giants Bearings will release their highly anticipated third album ‘The Best Part About Being Human’ on August 18th, 2023 via Pure Noise Records.

A concise collection of modern pop-punk anthems, Bearings have gone for quality over quantity here, and it really pays off. The Best Part About Being Human has ten tracks, and each is its own individual animated banger.

Fun from the start, bouncy and peppy, but with a ton of heart and soul, it’s Shaking Up the Scenery. The anthemic vibes of the entire album are instantly present as this track features one hell of a chorus.

The driving energy of that opener is than matched by the following Don’t Wanna Forget About It, a more melody-tinged blast of old and new school pop punk. Bearings know exactly who they are appealing too with tracks like this, and the following groovy bounce along that is Gone So Gone. Nothing complicated, pop punk through and through, but so much fun to listen too.

Speaking of fun though, it doesn’t get much better than Go Long. A smooth set of vocals, chunky guitar sound, and foot-tapping drumbeats. Capped off by a chorus that is such a massive singalong. Easily the most lovable track on an album packed with lovable tracks.

There can be no complaints about getting more of the same high quality pop punk with Ocean Dream, Blood Jam, Slip, and LFND. With the tightness of this record, nothing overstays its welcome and Bearings change the formula just enough to make each stand out as its own enjoyable anthem. Even when there are stronger and more forthright melodies, Bearings deliver infectious tunes.

…and then it’s over. With the punchier blend of rocking groove and emotive melody that is I Want to Heal, and the fast-paced closer that is Human. Still as enjoyable at the end as it was at the beginning. The sign of a quality album. If you love the sound of pop-punk as it stands now, then Bearings are the band for you.

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Bearings – The Best Part About Being Human Track Listing:

1. Shaking Up The Scenery
2. Don’t Wanna Forget About It
3. Gone So Gone
4. Go Long
5. Ocean Dream
6. Blood Jam
7. Slip
8. LFND (Live Forever Never Die)
9. I Want To Heal
10. Human


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Bearings - The Best Part About Being Human (Pure Noise Records)
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