Album Review: Bazooka Troopaz – Bombs, Babes and Bazookas (Self Released)

Emerging from Norway, Bazooka Troopaz are set to introduce their self-released digital album, ‘Bombs, Babes and Bazookas’, on the 10th of November 2023. Venturing into the realms of thrash metal, crossover thrash, and heavy metal, this ensemble has crafted a body of work that pays homage to their roots.

Metal you can quaff a beer to, Bazooka Troopaz (silly name aside) are having a bit of fun with this music. Evident from the introduction that is Booze Alley Brutal. Where a voiceover (parodying the A-Team) explains that a crack military team were sent to prison because of a three-day bender, but have since escaped, and are now being hunted by the government. They are soldiers of fortune, with the motto of ‘Bombs, Babes and Bazookas’, and they are known as the Bazooka Troopaz.

That leads into a pair of tracks that embody thrashing violence and head-banging vigour. The self-titled track and Hard Ticket to Hawaii. The perfect summation of what Bazooka Troopaz are capable of. Heavy, fast, and intense, the group have a hardcore edge that gives them their crossover appeal. Sure, there’s a tongue in cheek approach, but just because they’re having fun, doesn’t mean their lacking bite.

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If you’re not feeling a bit dizzy from the opening salvo, Beer Slam will have you slumping at the bar. Before Sons of Steel pays wonderful homage to the heavy metal sound that we all know and love, Ax & Smash is hilariously thrashy, and the title track lives up to its name by being a raucous and rude explosion of speed and heaviness.

It’s their commitment to the cause that keeps things exciting as the final couple of tracks go rampaging along. Bazooka Troopaz chowing on some flesh with Cannibal Catering, delivering a frenetic tribute to Indiana Jones’ lovable sidekick Short Round, from The Temple of Doom, and finally, causing some family-friendly carnage with Suburban Commando. A track that is miles better than the movie.

It’s a fun album, and there’s never going to be anything wrong with that.

Bazooka Troopaz – Bombs, Babes and Bazookas Track Listing:

1. Booze Alley Brutal
2. Bazooka Troopaz
3. Hard Ticket to Hawaii
4. Beer Slam
5. Sons of Steel
6. Ax & Smash
7. Bombs, Babes and Bazookas
8. Cannibal Catering
9. Short Round
10. Suburban Commando


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Bazooka Troopaz - Bombs, Babes and Bazookas (Self Released)
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