Album Review: Barren Womb – Lizard Lounge (Loyal Blood Records)

Barren Womb, the fearsome sonic force from Finland and Norway, will launch a boiling fresh onslaught of an album, ‘Lizard Lounge’, on May 22nd through Loyal Blood Records.

Barren Womb might be the hardest working band in the Norwegian underground, touring relentlessly, and offering a slew of releases since their inception in 2011. They are complete masters of their craft, capturing their raw and unpolished live energy in studio recordings.

Barren Womb instantly put you in the mind of a sweaty, underground club basement with their raw, unpolished hardcore/punk-rock sound. Speeding out of the starting blocks with Cemetery Slopestyle before taking it down a notch for the groovier Karma as A Tour Manager.

Ramping up the wackiness, both Hairy Palms and Crop Circle Jerk have some seriously bouncy riffs and a style vocals that is reminiscent of Faith No More. It’s certainly cut from the same eclectic cloth, although Barren Womb like to remind that they are still rooted in the heavy every so often.

It’s that style of heavy punk noise that makes Smokes, Let’s Go and Molten Pig such exciting listens. The former has wicked groove while the latter makes the body jerk and shake about.

Taking their foot of the gas again, Nerve Salad gets the head-banging along to the beat with ease. Before Be Kind, Have Fun and Try Not to Die reignites the fire and nailing a surprisingly catchy chorus.

Drenched in sweat and exhausted, draw deeply from the energy reserves as Barren Womb aren’t quite done yet. The air might be thick inside the club but every breath expelled is life for Hydroponic Youth to grow and nurture. Take your time, then lose your absolute mind for the madness that is You Do the Meth.

Imaginative, creative and odd. Barren Womb are an attention grabbing band and Lizard Lounge is an inspired release.

Barren Womb – Lizard Lounge Full Track Listing:

1. Cemetery Slopestyle
2. Karma as A Tour Manager
3. Hairy Palms
4. Crop Circle Jerk
5. Smokes, Let’s Go
6. Molten Pig
7. Nerve Salad
8. Be Kind, Have Fun and Try Not To Die
9. Hydroponic Youth
10. You Do the Meth


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Barren Womb - Lizard Lounge (Loyal Blood Records)
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