Album Review: Band of Spice – By The Corner Of Tomorrow (Scarlet Records)

Long-standing purveyors of the hard rock scene, Band of Spice will release their brand new album, By the Corner of Tomorrow on March 26th 2021 via Scarlet Records.

Lead by the immeasurable vocal and guitar talents of Spice, the unit is driven by a compulsion to make something contemporary and classic at the same time. Something with metal grit and hard rock energy. The question is, do they accomplish it on By the Corner of Tomorrow?

They certainly give it a damn good go, The Fading Spot heading in the right direction with chunky groove, energetic riffs and of course, Spice’s excellent singing voice. Call Out Your Name keeps things hot and fast in the best possible way (galloping riffing and a hell of a solo) before Tehom chills things down with a short bit of dark sounding melody that ends with a flurry of drums.

Leading straight into The Sharp Edge, where the urgency in the chunky rhythm encourages a furious bout of head-banging. Followed by the mellower rock vibes of the title track and infectious riff work of Midnight Blood. The classic hard rock vibes on full display but with a well constructed modern touch.

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Rougher and tougher, Reglutina has a meatier edge with short showcases of guitar melody and Spice sounds demonically possessed such is the gruffness he adds to his voice here. A much darker sounding effort, a sudden switch to soft singing and grander riffs is certainly unexpected.

The album then comes to an end with two different but equally exciting efforts. Cold Flames, a fun ball of groove to move the body too and Rewind the Wind, an emotive ballad that had so much chill, you could sleep listening to it.

Contemporary and classic. Mission accomplished.

Band of Spice – By the Corner of Tomorrow Full Track Listing:

1. The Fading Spot
2. Call Out Your Name
3. Tehom
4. The Sharp Edge
5. By the Corner of Tomorrow
6. Midnight Blood
7. Reglutina
8. Cold Flames
9. Rewind the Wind


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Band of Spice - By The Corner Of Tomorrow (Scarlet Records)
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