Album Review: Balmog – Vacvvm (War Anthem Records/Various)

A forceful showing of black metal, Vacvvm is the latest album from Spanish metallers, Balmog! The album will be released on the 16th March 2018 via War Anthem Records (CD version), Blackseed Productions (vinyl version) & In Pulverem Mortis Productions (tape edition).

Balmog 1

Vacvvm is an album that is all about delivering violent & intense black metal played at an unstoppable pace. Raw & dirty, the brief intro delivers a hailstorm of noise before moving into the destructive power of Eating the Descendant. The fury that comes from Balmog is both exciting & terrifying in equal measures.

Don’t let the wall of noise confuse you though. There is an undercurrent of rhythm following throughout. The kind that rears its head, offering you a toothy grin before sliding back under again.

The doom edge that Vigil of the Blinds brings heightens the slower evil sound before the pace is increased to toxic levels. Inde Deus Abest brings some respite even though it’s an uncomfortable & eerie tune before Come to the Pulpit drives the heavy metal stake into the heart.

Vacvvm is a memorable & worthy entry in extreme metal. It’s pretty much non-stop ferocity that should get tiresome but never really does. At only 8 tracks it doesn’t overstay its welcome and even the likes of the lengthier numbers such as Gignesthai feel perfect in length.

A epic in the sense of how Balmog approach hugeness (clue – it’s heavy) its a great precursor to …sed semper vivit occisus. A finale that delivers the perfect closer for Balmog’s aggressive style.

Balmog 2

Balmog – Vacvvm Full Track Listing:

1. Qui immolatus iam non moritur…
2. Eating The Descendant
3. Hodegetria
4. Vigil of the Blinds
5. Inde Deus Abest
6. Come to the Pulpit
7. Gignesthai
8. …sed semper vivit occisus

You can order the album here and here. Find out more about Balmog over on Facebook.


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Balmog - Vacvvm (War Anthem Records/Various)
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