Album Review: Audrey Horne – Devil’s Bell (Napalm Records)

Four years after their much-praised album ‘Blackout’ the Norwegian hard rock band, Audrey Horne are back for more with their seventh album! Devil’s Bell is out on April 22, 2022 via Napalm Records.

A delight from beginning to end, once again, Audrey Horne bring forth an album of hard rock bangers that fuses the sound of the 70s and 80s with modern, anthemic touches. It’s an album that rocks and rocks hard, kicking off with the high-powered Ashes to Ashes and the groovy and grandstanding energy of Animal. A pair of foot-tappers and head-bangers that feature massive sing-along choruses.

The meaty riffs of Break Out make for a memorable slab of racy rock heaviness, Audrey Horne continuing to prove that catchy head-bangers come way to easy to them. Further proof of that, and the continued exciting sound of this album, arrives with Return to Grave Valley. A thrilling instrumental that throws the riffs and solos around like they’re going out of business. So exciting and so memorable is this track, you won’t miss the vocals.

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Not that we don’t love the vocals too and it’s great to have them back on the grand sounding Danse Macabre. A track that might have the album’s best chorus, although the title track’s galloping rhythm and stadium-quality chorus sure comes close.

There’s no chance of getting bored with hard rock that is this high quality and this infectious. Which means it’s just more enjoyable and memorable head-bangers with All Is Lost and Toxic Twins. Followed by the massive finale of From Darkness, a spectacular showcase of just how big and grand Audrey Horne can go while not compromising their addictive hard rock base sound.

It’s another top-shelf release from this band.

Audrey Horne – Devil’s Bell Full Track Listing:

1. Ashes to Ashes
2. Animal
3. Break Out
4. Return To Grave Valley
5. Danse Macabre
6. Devil’s Bell
7. All Is Lost
8. Toxic Twins
9. From Darkness


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Audrey Horne - Devil's Bell (Napalm Records)
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