Album Review: Atreyu – The Beautiful Dark Of Life (Spinefarm Records)

Metalcore pioneers Atreyu’s new album ‘The Beautiful Dark Of Life’ will be released 8th December via Spinefarm Records and follows the last of the EP collection ‘A Torch In The Dark’ which was out November 3rd. The album completes a suite of music released throughout 2023, combining all three EPs release this year.

It’s been an unforgettable year of Atreyu music, not just because of how they’ve released new music, but because of what they’ve released. Each EP has been phenomenal in its own right, each could easily top the list of best EPs of the year, resulting in an album of the year contender too. The Beautiful Dark of Life is a band transformed and to have all the music (plus a bit more) in one glorious 15-track package is all any fan could hope for.

Fans that all have one thing in common, their love and adoration of this band. Those that have been there from the beginning, through all the ups and downs of their career to date, and those that have discovered them in recent times. There aren’t many bands in the alt/metalcore sphere that has such a wide-ranging and diverse fanbase.

Yet, it’s for good reason as Atreyu are unique, creative, and dependable when it comes to quality music.

Interestingly, the album flow doesn’t follow the EP flow, as Atreyu have mixed things up, creating a different dynamic. First, going back to April’s ‘A Hope of a Spark’ EP with the anthemic Drowning, an electrifying example of how this band blurs the lines of alternative heaviness and metalcore intensity. Before they get emphatically experimental with the dazzling dynamism of Insomnia. Then finish off the ‘A Hope of a Spark’ EP with groovy head-banger that is Capital F, the stunning God/Devil and its immense chorus, and the gargantuan sing-along that is Watch Me Burn.

The word ‘anthem’ can’t be overstated when it comes to describing this first third of the record. Even though most of these tracks will have been heard countless times this year, they’re as fresh as though they were released yesterday.

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Good Enough comes from August’s ‘The Moment You Find Your Flame’ EP and it finds Atreyu in a forthright mood, the vocals expressed with an incredible level of heart and soul. The instruments rising and falling perfectly to keep injecting the body with life-giving energy. Followed by something just as powerfully melodic and shockingly intense in the form of Dancing With My Demons.

The rest of the ‘The Moment You Find Your Flame’ EP then gets an airing. First with Gone, an energised track that is filled with realistic sentiment, but it’s all about the chorus, even though it also has a guitar solo that slays. Then there is I Don’t Wanna Die, a dramatic rock ballad, if you can believe that. It’s so disconcerting at first, but it is stupidly lovable. Followed by Atreyu getting a little creative when it comes to effects with Immortal. The sound of a band utilising modern elements to give their alternative and metalcore sound a fresh edge. Fear not if that’s not your jam, the chorus is Atreyu through and through, and a segment at the end is pure chaos.

The final EP, ‘A Torch In The Dark’ is then covered, finding Atreyu on fine form with the experimental (i). Joining forces with singer Sierra Deaton for a heavy rock anthem called Death or Glory, keeping the emotion at the forefront with Forevermore, and demanding a big sing-along with the empathic chorus of Come Down.

The cherry on top of this fabulous release being one last ‘traditional’ sounding Atreyu effort, the title track. One last impactful anthem that will leave every single fan, be them new or old, feeling immensely satisfied. Each EP is great on its own, but put together with three more tracks and we have one hell of an album.

Atreyu – The Beautiful Dark Of Life Track Listing:

1. Drowning
2. Insomnia
3. Capital F
4. God/Devil
5. Watch Me Burn
6. Good Enough
7. Dancing With My Demons
8. Gone
9. I Don’t Wanna Die
10. Immortal
11. (i)
12. Death Or Glory (Feat. Sierra Deaton)
13. Forevermore
14. Come Down
15. The Beautiful Dark Of Life


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Atreyu - The Beautiful Dark Of Life (Spinefarm Records)
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