Album Review: Atlas – Primitive (Inverse Records)

The 5-piece modern metalcore band Atlas, hail from Nokia, Finland and are more than determined to make a serious impact on the genre. Labeling their sound as ’’Northcore’’ the band has already released a well-received debut EP and now the band is finally back with full-length album release!

’’We started writing the album back in 2015 and it took us 2 years and about 30 song ideas to narrow it down to these nine tracks. The process was long and one of the hardest things we’ve ever set out to do, but we’re all extremely happy and proud of how it came out in the end!’’ – Aleksi / guitar

Primitive is the debut album of Atlas and will be released on November 16th 2018 via Inverse Records.

Atlas 2

As hardcore as it could be possibly be, Atlas rage with unbridled power throwing out breakdowns, desperate vocals alongside cleaner sections and ferocious riffing across a concise album that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

High energy throughout, both Skinwalker and Feel deliver on the modern tag that is attached to Atlas. With a little bit of death metal elements thrown in amongst the cleaner effects and dejent style riffs.

The melody is upped in Kaamos, a sweet if bland sounding track that puts focus on the cleaner side of the vocals and the chorus. It’s catchy, as is On Crooked Stones as Atlas channel their inner Architects.

Following that the title track brings atmospheric melody that explodes into heaviness, Pendulum Swing drops a truly memorable beat and Bloodline is pure heavy hardcore chaos. The latter half of the album certainly has some of the album’s better songs.

Atlas are sure to be a future powerhouse in the realm of hardcore as time goes by especially if they continue to release albums as good as Primitive.

Atlas 1

Atlas – Primitive Full Track Listing:

1. Skinwalker
2. Feel
3. Kaamos
4. On Crooked Stones
5. Primitive
6. Pareidolia
7. Pendulum Swing
8. Bloodline (feat. Ben English)
9. Rust

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You can order the album over on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. Find out more/keep up to date with Atlas’ news by liking their Facebook Page, Instagram and YouTube.


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Atlas - Primitive (Inverse Records)
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