Album Review: As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other (Long Branch)

Within Each Lies The Other is the highly anticipated debut album from UK melodic post-hardcore 6-piece As Everything Unfolds, due for release on 26th March 2021 via Long Branch Records.

The band comment:

The album represents the very best and worst of ourselves: our anger, sadness, vengeance and happiness. We can’t always be the best versions of ourselves and sometimes you need to travel through the hard parts for the happiness to exist in the end. Life is a road of regrets and accomplishments; you need to embrace every aspect of it for creating the person you are now.

Sometimes it’s easy to hear a band and know instantly that they’re likely to take the music world by storm. Sometimes the band in question already is and a new release is just confirmation of what many already know. Both statements are true in regard to As Everything Unfolds. Having already built up a hell of a following and racking up the streams before they’ve even released a full-length album.

That is about to change though and those who aren’t aware of just what makes this band a powerhouse of post-hardcore will finally understand what the fuss is about. Whereas those who have been there from the start are about to feel a bit smug.

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I fall into the former bracket, being mostly unaware of As Everything Unfolds. However, upon hearing this debut, it’s clear to me that this band has ‘superstars’ written all over them. This is post-hardcore that will have mass appeal. Both in the mainstream and the underground, plenty of melody and raging heaviness to please both sides.

Burning with contagious energy throughout, the album is packed with massive riffs and killer hooks. Dominated by vocals that can switch from singing to roaring in an instant and backed up with crushing drums and absorbing melodies. Across 11 tracks, As Everything Unfolds do everything possible to make sure their name will not be forgotten.

With powerful efforts like Take Me There, Wallow, Stay and Hiding from Myself, who could forget them? As far as debuts go, this is a very accomplished effort. There will be numerous times where the urge to just go wild is almost too strong too bear. Likewise, there will be multiple times where the deeper, melodic emotion just touches the soul in the right way.

Witness world domination.

As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies the Other Full Track Listing:

1. On the Inside
2. Take Me There
3. Wallow
4. Stranger in The Mirror
5. I’m Not the Only One
6. Grayscale
7. Stay
8. Let Me Go
9. Hiding from Myself
10. One Last Time
11. Wither


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As Everything Unfolds - Within Each Lies The Other (Long Branch)
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