Album Review: Aryem – The Bird’s Assembly (Self Released)

Symphonic metal band Aryem will release their second album ‘The Bird’s Assembly’ on October 8th, 2021. Inspired by the Persian poem “The Conference of the Birds” by Attar of Nishapur (1177 AD). The record is an intense and explosive experience into the true nature of humanity’s soul.

Hear symphonic metal and expect epic metal. On this, their second album, Aryem have put one word first and foremost as the focus and it is ‘bombastic’. The Bird’s Assembly is a bombastic album, one that might have more of an impact should you know the concept well. However, even if you don’t, it’s very easy to get on board with the volatile energy and symphonic splendour on show across 11 tracks.

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Dominated by powerful vocals (both male and female) and layered with influential orchestration, the metal parts of Aryem occasionally take a backseat to the grandeur. Though; the racing riffs, pounding percussion and plentiful hooks makes everything feel so much more substantial.

Though they’re also capable of keeping things at a more mellow level here and there, where the heart pounds rather than the head. Importantly though, these tracks have enough of a bite to keep things interesting. Which is a word that sums up the album as a whole.

It might not sound like the most glowing of praise – this album is interesting – but bear in mind symphonic metal can be very predictable. The Bird’s Assembly has its moments where it slips into that pattern but overall is far more interesting to listen too. If you’re a big detractor of this style of music, you’re more likely to be won over by this consistent bombastic energy.

Just check out Awakened, My Love and Reborn if you want a handful of tracks to hear that cover all the bases. Chances are you’ll be encouraged to listen to the rest off the back of these three alone.

Aryem – The Bird’s Assembly Full Track Listing:

1. Hoopoe (Overture)
2. Awakened
3. You Are Insane
4. Come to Me
5. Forbidden Love
6. My Love
7. Surroundead
8. Just One Night
9. Broken Scepters of War
10. Reborn
11. La Asambela De Las Aves


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Aryem – The Bird’s Assembly (Self Released)
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